Ray grew up in the blue collar town of Flint, Michigan - the youngest son of a truck driver and a stay-at-home Mother. (Mom worked in a factory during the second world war assembling gages for airplanes, but quit to raise a family.) Ray has one older brother who is just shy of a PhD in Philosophy from Brown University.

Ray's early years were involved with all sorts of sports and outdoor activities since the family lived across the street from a large park with a forest, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts. Eventually Ray showed skills in mathematics and the sciences and got on track to become an aerospace engineer.


Ray eventually completed a PhD at the University of California, Los Angeles under the tutelage of the world-reknown and "father of structural optimization" Professor Lucien Schmit. Following the receipt of his PhD, Ray went to work for a company called TRW to build satellites. At TRW Ray got involved with fun technology development efforts in adaptive structures and vibration suppression. This work led to a number of patents and publications. Eventually Ray found himself working on environmental monitoring satellites for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Ray's EOS Aqua and EOS Aura satellites are still on orbit and producing high quality environmental and atmospheric monitoring data.

Ray has received patents for some of his technology development work. These patents are:

  1. Mendenhall, T.L., Bronowicki, A.J., and Manning, R.A., "Activated Structure", US Patent No. 5,424,596, granted June 13, 1995.
  2. Bronowicki, A. J. and Manning, R. A., "Composite Damping Structures and Related Method", US Patent No. 5,507,477, granted April 16, 1996.
  3. Manning, R. A., "Structural Health Monitoring Using Active Members and Neural Networks", US Patent No. 5,774,376, granted June 30, 1998.

Ray also is the author of nearly 30 technical papers related to system optimization, dynamics and controls, adaptive structures, and passive damping.

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Friends at UCLA showed Ray the desire and fulfillment derived from helping others. These friends were involved with setting up a sanctuary for Central American refugees during the civil wars in the 1980s in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Ray has sponsored children through World Vision for more than 30 years. The children have been from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Thailand, the West Bank, and Bangladesh. Ray enjoys helping people in need and also learning about the struggles inherent in various regions of the world and possible solutions.

Ray has been involved in a number of volunteer building and community cleanup events. The build events included a schoolhouse for orphans and refugees on the border of Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) as well as local Habitat for Humanity building projects. Ray is never one to refuse an invitation to plant trees, clean up graffiti, or clean up streets and sidewalks in the Eighth City Council district of Long Beach where Ray lives.

Ray has been motivated by a number of social workers and public health officials to use his talent to develop technology tools for social workers and public health personnel. Since Ray is an algorithm geek, his talents are opposite the "touchy feely" talents of social workers and can provide a skillset that complements social workers. Recent work has focused on providing shelters and resources for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence as well as better placement results for children in need of adoption.


Ray has an addiction to cycling. If there is a day without work, Ray is on either his road bicycle or mountain bicycle pounding around various trails. Ray also cycled through France, Switzerland, and Italy a long time ago (i.e., 1985) with a girlfriend. Ray is always willing to ride with people and groups of cyclists.

Ray is a Formula One and MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 addict. He has spectated at various races throughout the world and is continually trying to understand new technology developments, race strategies, and technical partners among the various race teams.