Climathon Win! (October 2018)

Ray's team has just won the 2018 CSULB Climathon Hackathon. Ray proposed a personal carbon footprint app like a FitBit but for carbon footprint (rather than exercise). The diverse team took off and ran with it and the CSULB judges awarded us the first prize atthe conclusion of the 24 hour hackathon. The event was a simultaneous global event occurring in more than 100 cities across the world.

Gerrymandering Hackathon (March 2018)

Ray participated in a gerrymandering project that took place in San Francisco, California in the middle of March. The event brought together mathematicians and policy makers to study the application of geometry and computing to redistricting efforts in the United States.

Long Beach Civic Innovation Summit (October 2017)

Ray recently attended the Long Beach Civic Innovation Summit meeting. There was a keynote speaker from Virgin Galactic as well as a diverse panel discussion on innovation trends and needs in Long Beach. Ray made some new contacts to try and work with.

Women in Tech Hackathon (September 2017)

Ray participated in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Women in Tech hackathon in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday. Why participate in a Women in Tech hackathon? Because I was asked to participate and spread the word about the fun jobs that can be had in tech and possibly to get involved in some coding also.

Foster Care Hackathon (March 2017)

Ray particpated in the Google/Manos hackathon for foster care. We spent Friday from 9 am until Saturday at 3 pm continuously coding away at finding resources for children/youth in foster care. (I did manage a 90 minute nap sometime near 4 am on Saturday morning. The final presentation and video was well received and we turned a few heads with what we managed to accomplish over the 40 odd hours.

Homeless Community Event (Noember 2016)

Ray participated in a largely-attended community forum on the homeless issue at the Bay Shore Congregational Church in Long Beach. Ray had fruitfull discussions with the Long Beach Police Department, the Long Beach Outreach Officers, the Long Beach Fire Department and other organizations that are trying to provide a better life for homeless individuals and families. Ray's solutions were well received and there will be pilot programs and ongoing discussions beginning soon.

Final Space Testing (November 2016)

Ray recently finished a short term assignment at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Pasadena. He was called in to duplicate a vibration test of the cryocooler that will go on the James Webb Space Telescope. Ray had performed this test in a previous life and was called in by JPL for continuity of testing on the second unit. It was a good diversion for Ray and a chance to see his friends up at JPL.

Birthday (August 2016)

Ray recently passed birthday number 59. According to his tradition, Ray rode 59 miles on the road bicycle to celebrate his 59th birthday. Ray has also been regularly participating in Habitat for Humanity builds as well as working on web programming and outreach for non-profits to provide shelter/resources to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and homelessness. Ray attended a silent art auction in Long Beach to benefit the End Child Prostituion in Asian Tourism ( intern program in Thailand. Ray is hoping to meet up with the ECPAT people on a future trip.

Retirement (June 2016)

Ray retired from his aerospace job on 31 May 2016. Ray feels that the time had come to work hard at other issues, such as helping victims of human trafficking and domestic violence and mis-placed adoptions, as well as spending more time on bicycles and more time traveling the world. Ray already has a number of activites lined up with the Long Beach Human Rights Commission, The Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force, and Habitat for Humanity. And Ray is looking forward to a trip to Ecuador sometime late in the summer.