Human Trafficking

Ray is the Chief Executive Officer of Social Services Technology Solutions (SSTS). SSTS is currently registering for 501(c) non-profit status. The corporation works to develop technology tools for social workers to improve the outcomes for thier clients and to improve their efficiency.

Starting with the ideas of social worker friends, Ray has developed a number of web-based and mobile-based technology tools to help the victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. The tools rely on geolocation and a database of service provders to quickly and anonymously get shelters and resources to these victims.

Ray has pitched to the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force and to a coalition of homeless support providers for the adoption of these tools. The development of tools for people in need continues throughout the city of Long Beach and the County of Los Angeles.

Manual Labor

There are always efforts in communities that just need energy and strong backs to improve the look and feel of a neighborhood. Ray is a firm believer of taking enough small steps, one at a time, to enhance the livability of a neighborhood.

Painting over graffiti, cleaning up alley-ways, and planting trees in parks and neighborhoods are ways that Ray has contributed to neighborhoods. These are not glamorous efforts, but they are the efforts that can improve the quality of life in a neighborhood.

They may not know his name, but the city councilpeople of Long Beach know Ray's face. He is willing to get his hands dirty with menial tasks that improve neighborhoods. And he is a semi-regular at community meetings.


Ray continues to contribute to various charitable organizations. His favorite organizations are Wat Opot, Clinica Oscar Romero, and World Vision. Wat Opot in Cambodia provides a chance for HIV-positive or HIV-affected children to learn skills and make something of their lives. Clinica Oscar Romero provides physical and mental health for Central American refugees and others in need. And World Vision provides food, education, and clothing for children in 4th world areas to try and make a life for themselves and their families.