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Monday, November 21, 2022 8:02 PM

Wet November

On Monday night I get in an hour of good sleep and then am awakened by a dog barking. (What do you do when you have a dog that barks but you want to go out for the night until after midnight? Fortunately, when I had a doggie, my doggie wasn't a continuous barker - instead possibly just digging up holes or chewing on things.) After being awake for a while I put in ear plugs and try for more sleep. Then I have a bad dream where, at first, a person is being held hostage in a small cage. But then it is me being held hostage in a small cage. I wake up in a sweat and panting. And then later I'm awakened by light rain and then heavier rain. When the alarm goes off I'm out of bed and debugging the generic barycentric coordinate cases and reading the news. At mid-morning I do my physical therapy exercises for the legs and shoulders, grab a shower, and walk to CVS to buy some salty chips for later viewing of election results.

Wednesday is an election viewing hangover day. I certainly get out for a 59 minute walk in the morning and do some shoulder exercises later in the day, but I'm still watching election coverage. I squeeze in a bizaare move called "Requiem for a Dream" which showed promise but became ethnically sterotypical.

On Thursday I hang out at home read the news and financial markets as I wait for the morning to warm up a bit. Before the accident I would have been out the door in the chilly weather and riding. But today I leave the house near 8 am for a 52 minute ride in the neighborhood. Today feels beter than Sunday and I hope to ride on the Los Angeles river trail on Saturday. After today's bicycle ride I'm a tornado. I do another adjustment on the gate, do maintenance on the garage door, climb a ladder to trima handfull of the neighbor's branches that are getting close to my Internet cable, super-clean the road bicycle (prior to an inspection by a professional), and do maintenance on the motorcycle. When will I be confident enough to ride the motorcycle again? After a shower I walk to CVS for supplies and then relax. This has been a productive day already and I'm waiting for some stiffness and soreness in the legs to get me.

On Friday I need extra sleep and go one hour past the alarm. I let the morning warm a bit and get out for an hour long walk. After a shower I do the big grocery shopping for the week and buy some shoes at Big 5 Sporting goods. There's a wet/dry qualifying session for F1 from Brasil and a driver and team that have never had a pole position gets the pole. It will be a jumbled starting grid for Saaturday's sprint race. And then I relax and watch some Netflix and think about near-term targets or milestones that I can set for my recovery (since everything is going so fast at this point).

I sleep well into Saturday morning and I'm out of bed at 5:35 am. It has taken a long time to start having good sleep probably because that anti-siezure medicine that I took for ten days in the hospital - that was nasty stuff. And it has probably taken this long to get out of the system. I wait for the morning to warm a bit and get on the mountain bicycle for a seventy minute ride down to the aquarium and back. This is the first ride where I have other cyclists coming at me as they did during the accident and I don't think that I have any problem with it. I'm still weak overall as an organism and near the brpken rib below the scapula. I get in a nie warming shower and walk to CVS for supplies. From there I have a slow day with the F1 sprint race from Brasil and college football games (just to pass the time).

On Sunday I mirror Saturday morning with another ride to the aquarium after the morning has warmed up a bit. There are Santa Ana winds coming in so the ride back home is against a very nasty headwind. At least its a good hard ride before I get Monday off. After the ride the day is fairly slow with some football games and a disappointing F1 race from Brasil.

Monday is a weird day and I'm over the place. I plan on just doing physical therapy exercises so I read the news and markets early in the morning. Eventually I do th PT exercises for the shoulders and legs. And then I put on different clothes and go walking - I just kinda want to see what's going on along Atlantic avenue. I just keep walking and turn around and end up walking for fifty minutes - even if I was going to take the day off from cycling and walking. Back at home I watch a recorded movie which starts my emotions bouncing all over the place and they continue bouncing later in the afternoon when I play a lot of music on youtube. Later I watch the football game and just hope I stabilize emotionally.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I continue rehabbing with a bicycle ride where I've increased the distance by about four or five kiloemetrs and a day of errands. On the day of errands I give a blod sample, get to Target, Home Depot, the library, CVS pharamcy, and the grocery store. There's a lot of getting in and out of the car and walking around and standing around so it's good exercise and movements on my road to recovery. For the last couple of weeks the only limitations that I have is that if I've been sitting or lieing down for more than thrity minutes, my right leg is stiff and takes a step or two to get moving again. Oh I still have overall organism weakness, but I'm getting there.

Thursday is a slow day. I go walk for seventy minutes on a chilly morning and later visit the hand doctor. And then spend time reading up about Google analytics and then watch the football game.

On both Friday and Saturday morning I take my first bicycle ride all the way down to the Long Beach pier. It feels good to extend the distance a bit more and on Saturday, with a good headwind going home, it feels good to push against the headwind. I still have bodyparts that are weak or hurt a bit, but I'm making good progress. On both of these days I do some "retro" coding for finite elements in Python. Why? I don't know. Just keeping my Python skills and finite element theory up to speed. And there are FP2 and qualifying sessions for F1 in ABu Dhabi - a race that I was at in 2018. That seems so long ago with everything that has happened since then.

Monday is potentially my first day of jury duty. But fortunately I'm not required to report. So I out cycling down to the pier again and later work on the finite element code (for fun).