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Monday, January 6, 2020 8:02 PM

Happy New Year 2020!

I start new years day at 5 am working on the synthetic modes conversion to Python. By the end of the day it is very close to being done. But as is typical, there's probably onle little typo that is causing some weird behavior. Near 9am I get out for a two hour ride on the mountain bicycle and the rear wheel axle and bearings are as quiet as ever. After a shower I spend some time watching football bowl games and reading.

I start Thursday walking to the post office and to the grocery store. At the grocery store they've had so many "grab and run" thefts that they're locking many things up. Even the dental floss at less than $2 is locked up and requires an attendant with a key to get it and put it in your shopping cart. But my favorite cashier, the one I gave a Thai jacket to last week, walks me back to the health section and gets my dental floss for me. I work on a new approach to the crime demographics and a trial mock-up in Excel works so now I have to implement it in Python. At mid morning I go walking for about an hour and grab a shower. I meet up with Ruby, Joseph, Lisa, and Ashley for Thai lunch and we have a good, long conversation until the waiters kick us out (because they close on weekdays for a couple of hours in the afternoon). When I get home I work on the Python crime implementation and keep making little, silly mistakes. But by the end of the night I think I have the errors fixed and I start a long simulation to run overnight.

I get up on Friday and see that the Python crime prediction tool has genrated some great results. I just need some fine tuning, better display of results, and then write it up. After 8 am I get out for a good 60 kilometr road bicycle ride where I seem to feel stronger as I go. And the snow-covered mountains in the background gives me enthusiasm for the ride. After a shower I get to the grocery store for supplies and then I edge, mow, and trim the lawn. The lawn is looking healthier than it has in years sinc we've had some rain in the last two years. In the afternoon I have a late lunch and watch television and get in some reading.

I'm awake and out of bed at 6:00 am on Saturday and waiting for the day to get light and warm up a bit. I look through the crime program and it is looking very promising! I also have a Line call with Person Be_T - we've been having once or twice a day Line calls since I got back home. Near 8:15 am I get on the road bicycle and get in a decent 65 kilometer ride. I'm tired at the start and at the end, but I have a good middle period where I'm cranking away. After a shower I run some errands and then start in on hard-pruning the roses. I get about halfway done and quit for the day. The afternoon is spent with playoff football games.

I'm tired on Sunday and sleep for almost an extra hour. When I get coherent, I start off walking and mail a letter and drop two books off at the library. This walk to the library is just short of an hour roundtrip walk and it feels good in the crisp morning. Back at home I hard-prune another five or six roses before calling it quits. I'll finish up on Monday when I also intend to deweed the carnations and re-stake them for better vertical growth. After a shower I catch up on inventory at home, a website, and the football playoff games.

On Monday morning my legs are hung over. So near 8 am I go walk for more than an hour. Back at home I finish the annual hard-pruning of the roses and I build some stakes to encourage the carnations to gorw taller. After a shower I tidy up some of the crime demogrpahics and make sure that I understand everything that is going on. I take some time to write up the effort to publish online and to send to Long Beach officials in hopes that they might want to use my methodologies. Late in the evening I stat pulling down the blinds from three windows to prepare to start painting the internal frames of all of the windows in the house.