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Monday, May 3, 2010 10:00 PM

Back to Colorado

Tuesday starts with a very chilly walk/run on the hiking trails behind my hotel. I discovered this hotel on my first trip to Boulder when all other hotels were booked up due to students returning to University of Colorado. Behind the hotel are hiking/running trails against a mountain, so I stay at this hotel regularly and enjoy the trails. I always see many hikers and runners and cyclists out when I'm running/walking.

Tuesday is a productive day at work with a main meeting and then a detailed splinter meeting. After work I meet up with a NASA representative and we have a long dinner and drinks spanning two different restaurants. (I stick to diet Coke, by the way.)

On Wednesday I fly home and drive home. I get in a good session with the weights where I've dropped the weights a bit and increased the repetitions. This is the workout that nearly killed me a few weeks ago but I do well this time.

Thursday threatens rain but I hop on the Yamaha YZF-R1 anyway and have a good day at work. I leave a bit early to beat any possible late afternoon rain (which doesn't show up) and get in a good workout for the abdominals and lower back.

Friday is the usual semi-productive day, heavy workout with the weights, and mow the lawn to clear the weekend. I sleep very well on this night.

Saturday starts with a little argument with my friend Tree in Thailand. Afterwards I hop on the bicycle and ride to work. I have a productive day at work (making up hours so I can take Thursday off) and then I have a good bicycle ride home. Person M_Fl keeps threatening to come over and visit but keeps getting tied up at work and doesn't make it. I keep threatening to go out clubbing, but I'm tired and I go to sleep.

Person M_Fl comes to visit early on Sunday morning before his work. We have a good talk about bacteria and viruses and other biological/medical stuff. When Person M_Fl leaves to work work in the hospital I go out and work on the roses and carnations. Both are blooming wildly now! Late in the morning I start out for the aquarium bicycle ride. I'm hungover from the two rides on Saturday, but I just struggle along against the wind down towards the aquarium, extend the ride a bit, and then turn around and crank quite nicely with the wind at my back towards home. But I'm definitely worn out when I finish. I relax a bit with ice hockey playoff games on television and some recorded programs. Early in the evening I lift weights for the push muscle group. The weights are heavy and I struggle - it really is time to take a break. I rationalize that I'll soon be in Boulder for a week or so and that will be my opportunity for a break from lifting.

I don't get a bicycle commute to work in this week. Instead I ride the motorbike to work each day and get in good workouts after work. After Tuesday and Wednesday's workouts I get down on my hands and knees in the rose bed and remove weeds and cleanup the area. On Tuesday night I watch the 7th game of the Red Wings-Coyotes playoff game. There is nothing like a 7th game! I enjoy watching Pavel Datsyuk play and am happy when the Red Wings win. On Wednesday I packup the laptop computer from work and drive down to the Library coffeehouse just to hang out. It's a boring night since there aren't many guests present.

Thursday starts with a heavy session with the weights for the push muscle group. After getting cleaned up I visit my acupuncturist, the haircutter, the ATM, and Subway. It's a nasty windy day, so I spend some time catching up with Desperate Housewives and In Plain Sight. Late in the afternoon I go for a 45 minute walk, take a warm shower (during which I do some extra scrubbing of the shower glass), and then relax with the Red Wings-Sharks opening playoff game.

Friday starts a bit slowly since I'm hungover from the two previous very heavy weights workouts. When the morning has warmed up a bit I head out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride. I then mow and trim the lawn (including the vacant neighbor house) and then buy a WiFi adapter to go with yesterday's WiFi router. Late on Friday I get in a shrug and shoulder workout with heavy weights and then head for clubs in West Hollywood.

I bounce between a couple of clubs before meeting up with Person T_U at one. We hang out for a while and run into various acquaintances. Today the music is actually decent (Its usually too much hip hop and top 40 for my tastes) and I make the most of the night out. I meet a Person D_CT who splits time between Los Angeles and London and we have a nice set of conversations before exchanging phone numbers. When it is time to get the phone number that I really want, I choke. I'm mad at myself as I rush on home and get down for sleep before 3:30 am.

On Saturday I wake up at 6:10 and cannot fall back asleep. So I get out of bed at 6:30 and catch the live qualifying for the Spanish MotoGP and Moto2 races over the Internet. When the morning has warmed up a bit I start out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride. As I'm approaching the Los Angeles river trail I notice a guy riding along who has my exact bicycle. After I say "Nice bike" to him he looks over and sees that we have the same bicycles. It turns out I ran into this guy a couple weeks ago near the Long Beach Grand Prix. He's heading my direction but he has to stop at a store for water, so I continue my ride and enjoy it. The rest of the day is spent on small things around the house and just relaxing - less than three hours of sleep will do that.

Sunday blooms chilly so I wait until the day warms up to go out cycling. I hear that there is a cycling fund raiser near downtown Long Beach today so I avoid the crowds and go north on the Los Angeles river. Its a good ride! I try to watch the MotoGP race from Spain but there are NASCAR trucks on instead. It turns out there was a rain delay and that race goes long. What the f&c4? If those drivers are such big issies that they can't race in the rain, then the networks shouldn't cater to them. MotoGP riders race in the rain (unless its a torrential hurricane). I do catch the Moto2 race joined in progress and after reading about the MotoGP race, I'm even more livid with the stupid networks. I go out and work out some stress with a heavy weights session for the push muscle group - the next to last workout before I get about a week off.

On Monday I get everything ready at work for another trip to Boulder. In the evening I get in a good heavy session with the weights for the pull muscle group and look forward to about a week off.