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Monday, June 13, 2022 8:02 PM

Sixth Retirement Anniversary

I start the last day of May slowly by reading the markets and the news. At mid morning I get in a decent workout with the weights and get cleaned up. From there I run errands to CVS, the ATM, Home Depot, the post office, Togos for later lunch, and the library to pick up new books to read. At home I watch a good Moto2 race where my favorite Moto2 rider, a rookie up from Moto3, finally fulfils his promise with a win in the race. And later I watch the ice hockey playoff game.

I've put out everything for a long road bicycle ride on Tuesday, but instead I go for a 75 minute run. The run goes by quickly and I realize that I need to cautiously be running twice a week now rather than just once a week. At home I trim the roses and get cleaned up and take a bicycle ride to the CVS pharmacy for bandaids (for running blisters) and a bottle of wine. Today is the sixth anniversary of my retirement so that calls for a bottle of wine. The Moto3 race from Mugello, Italy is fun and undecided until the last lap. I get out and trim the roses and see that another month of crime statistics has come in s I start the Python algorithm to map out and predict crime. Later in the day I again watch the ice hockey playoff game.

On Thursday I'm out the door at 6:09am and feel like I'm shot out of a cannon. I push fairly hard for the entire ride because I want to see what the Fitbit will say. Though the Fitbit seems to work well for running, walking, and sleeping, it doesn't seem to pick up my heart rate for cycling. I've read on various forums that the position of the wrist possibly causes the bad readings. Today, as usual, the Fitbit pretty much shows my heart rate somewhat above resting and not in a cardio range as it should be. Thus maybe it is time to get chest strap heart rate monitor. After a shower I do some grocery shopping, finish up the crime statistics for the montth, play with a few other algorithm ideas, and finally watch the ice hockey playoff game.

Friday is a slow day. I get up a bit late and read the news and markets and then lift weights and trim the roses. After a shower I grab a snack and then have an hour long conversation with a Medicare consultant to make my selections as my 65th birthday approaches. The process is easier than I thought it was going to be. Afterwards I waqtch FP2 for both MotoGP and Moto2 and ride down to te First Fridays street festival and walk around. I'm there just as the festival starts so there aren't many people out by I walk around and then return home to catch the last few minutes of the ice hockey playoff game.

I'm shot out of a cannon on Saturday morning again. I'm out the door at 6:09 am on the road bicycle and get in a great 65 kilometers of riding where I'm up at least one gear for most of the ride. Though I don't do the 80 kilometers that I should do, it is still a great ride. I quickly grab a shower and run errands to the ATM, MoneyGram, the grocery store, voting station, and the library. I take time to read the news as California heads towards its primary election on Tuesday. Later I watch fun qualifying session for Moto3/2/GP from Spain and finish the day off with a critical third game in one of the two remaining ice hockey playoff series.

I'm out the door at 6:20am on the mountain bicycle. After Thursday and Saturday "out the door like a cannon" rides, my legs are a bit tired. It takes ten kilometers to get warmed up and I have a good ride to the old ycht club and back to home. At home I trim the roses, get cleaned up, make a quick trip to CVS pharmacy for supplies, and settle in for a relaxing Sunday. There is nothing on the list that must get done today. So I watch the ice hockey playoffs and other things.

On Monday I expect to go run/walk in the morning, but I'm not feeling well and just go walking. I walk for an hour and take a refreshing shower, but still do not feel well. I read the news and markets and watch a fun MotoGP race where one of the riders loses count of the laps, thinks the race is over, and drops from 2nd to 5th by the time he realizes his error. Late in the afternoon I force myself into an abdominal/lower back/core workout and grab another shower before watching the ice hockey playoff game.

I feel better on Tuesday and get in a decent 65 kilometer road bicycle ride. Today I do not not run into or see some of the usual riders that I would see. At home I trim the roses and take a shower and watch a fun Moto3 race. I just relax a bit during the day and watch an ice hockey playoff game at night.

I start Wednesday with the usual run/walk though I stop at 65 minutes - with the intention of a second shorter run on Friday morning. At home I mow and trim the lawn and tidy up some of the yard. After a shower I make a trip to the grocery store, cook vegetables (like I used to do for lunches before a work week), and check out the election results. The turnout in some areas is less than 20% of the registered voters. How many of the remaining 80% are the ones who complain the loudest on the social media platform(s) of their choice? Before noon I watch the Moto2 race from Barcelona and later I get in the mood to "go through papers" and purge a number of old papers or magazines or whatever that I decide should go.

I sleep late on Thursday morning and get out on the mountain bicycle at 6:45 am. It's a nice cool ride down to the old yacht club and back to home. As I'm making the turn onto Long Beach blvd to get home I see in the road half of a cat. The only thing in the road is the head and shoulders and maybe the front two paws. I'm not sure if this was a traffic accident or, more likely, a coyote attack. At home I get cleaned up and watch the news and markets and later get to see the acupuncturist.

I sleep a bit late on Friday but get out the door at 6:17 am for a run. Since this is the start of two run/walks per week, today is just a 45 minute run/walk. I'll try to move ahead to extra running days slowly. Back at home I trim the roses, bring new blooms into the house, and spray the junipers in the front yard for spider mites. I see some branches showing death due to spider mites, so I'll have to be more diligent about the spraying. I've never had this much difficulty controlling spider mites in almost 35 years at this location. I get in a nice refreshing shower and do some maintenance on the refrigerator. I find the new shapefiles associated with Long Beach city council districts (as a result of the 2020 census and redistricting process) and I incorporate these into various algorithms and processes that I have going. I take a break to watch FP2 for F1 from Baku, Azerbaijan and also note that the USA will soon be eliminating Covid test requirements for people to enter the USA. Thus I start planning out a trip around one or two MotoGP races. Later I just kinda veg out with Netflix on this warm Friday.

I'm out the door at 6:11am for a road bicycle ride north on the Los Angeles river trail. I get past the Whittier Narrows dam and turn around at a predestined distance to return home. I struggle a bit in the last fifteen kilometers, but end up with a good eighty kilometer ride. A cooling shower is welcome as today will be fairly warm. There is nothing on my schedule (since I already know how to handle those new Long Beach city council shapefiles when called on) so I watch F1 qualfying from Azerbaijan and the ice hockey playoff game later in the day. Otherwise I just kinda relax as I'm trying to increase the running and keep the cycling distance and intensity high.

I have a recovery mountain bicycle ride on Sunday morning down to the old yacht club and back to home. The last few days have worn me out, so it takes a fair distance to get going. Back at home I re-adjust the gate (for the drying summer weather), trim the roses, and cool down with a shower. The F1 race from Azerbaijan is interesting and then the day passes quickly.

I'm out the door on Monday at 6:11 am for a good 45 minute run in an untypical June drizzle. Except that I have tot ake a detour to a park and run to the bathroom. Of course there is no toilet paper. And I have a bit of a mess when I finish the run. I have a refreshing shower and read the news and markets and work a bit with the new Long Beach city council shapefiles. Fortunately they appear to be a pure drop-in for the older shapfiles, so that makes my life easier. It's a slow day, as is typical of Mondays, but I do take the time to clean the hardwood floors. Though they take longer to dry today since the earlier June drizzle has ended but left a fair amount of humidity and cloud cover overhead. On this day at 2pm I receive an email asking if I can scrape from the web all of the substance abuse centers near Las Vegas and get it back to the requestors before their trip to Las Vegas on Wednesday. Really? Like, WTF? Didn't they know this trip was coming up and that they might need something ahead of time and not at the last minute? Throughout the rest of the day I go looking for websites that I can scrape that will give us the data that we need. After quite a few false starts, I finally find a website that is functional with the data that we need but I have to go old-school on scraping the resources. By the end of the night I have a draft set of resources (with geocoding) that I send to the requestors and tell them that it is purely a draft (because I know there are some offsets in the data) and that it is good enough for demonstration purposes.