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Monday, April 18, 2022 8:02 PM

Continued Springtime

Tuesday starts at 6:28 am out the door for a road bicycle ride. Its a good ride of 65 kilometers or so and only in the last few kilometers do I want it to be finished. After a shower I get to the liquor store for supplies and return home to read the news and the markets. The markets are up 1% on one day and down 1% the next - very volatile despite what the VIX indicator says. Near noon I watch the Moto2 race from Argentina and then finally grab some food. The liquor store supplies come in handy since today is the third anniversary of my brother's last day alive. So there are multiple drinks tipped and I just keep repeating my mantra "I hope you were happy with your life, your work, your accomplishments, your volunteer work, and your recreations".

Wednesday and Thursday are kina funky days. I get out for a run and my left hamstring wants to act up so I end up walking a lot more than usual today. When I get home I trim the roses and bring both rose and carnation blooms inside the house. And then I go mow the lawn. On Thursday I get out for a ride to the old yacht club and back and while riding along the ocean I see IndyCar driver Na dformer F1 driver) Roman Grosjean out for a run. (Since the Long Beach Grand Prix is this weekend.) I consider stopping to talk with him about F1 and Indycar racing and stuff but decide to leave hime along - he probably has enough things to think about. And then I just spend the day staying cool because it hits 100F in Long Beach today.

Friday is a slow day but I get in a good workout with the weights where nothing hurts. Maybe it is time to increase the weights. And then I have a CSULA Zoom meeting and we lay out the remaining tasks for the semester and I let the team work out who will work on what tasks.

I start Saturday with a decent eighty kilometer road bicycle ride. I feel good going up and over the first dam and then mentally start hoping the ride is over at the three-quarters point or so. I get in a quick shower and get to the library to return a book and pick up another one and I stop in at Subway to grab lunch for later. Qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix F1 race is interesting despite the non-injury red flag crashes. Early in the afternoon I watch some of the Masters gold tournamenet since it is a major and then I watch Moto3/Moto2/MotoGP qualifying for the race from COTA. Today is not a blazing hot day as the last two days have been at or near 100F, but it's a bit warm and so I take the day slowly.

Sunday is devoted to car racing after the morning bicycle ride. For the morning bicycle ride I cannot go down near the ocean since the Long Beach Grand Prix has shut down many roads and paths, so I go north on the Los Angeles river trail to a pre-approved turn-around point and then head for home against a bit of a headwind. I have a nice cooling shower and fight off leg cramps throughout the day from cycling. I haven't needed to use the calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement for a while and maybe I will need to use it after the next long ride. I watch a close and fun F1 race from Australia and later in the day I watch the Long Beach Grand Prix which is more competitive and exciting than recent years. I continue to stretch my legs, neck, and upper back throughout the day and finally get down to read before sleep.

I'm lazy on Monday and hem and haw about a weights workout. Instead I get down on my hands and knees and go to each rose bush individually and pull up the weeds and debris and trim the runners. I then pull out the weedwacker to get rid of weeds and grasses in the rose bushes and other parts of the lawn. After a cooling shower I ride the bicycle to the liquor store and then watch the MotoGP race from COTA. And then work on CSULA stuff and watch some Netflix.

Tuesday morning is very windy so I skip a bicycle ride and get out for a 75 minute run/walk. The left hamstring feels a bit weird but I manage to keep run/walking and get in a good workout. After a shower I read the news and markets and near noon ride the motorcycle down to the main public library to return two books and get four new ones. At the end of this ride I do the monthyl chain lubrication (which has been a habit of mine for at least twenty years now). And I relax and watch the Moto3 race from Austin.

I start Wednesday just a bit late but get in a good mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club and back to home. I wanted to ride the road bicycle longer, but my digestive tract is a bit upset. Maybe it's the new probiotics? At home I edge and mow the lawn and then trim the roses. I don't bring new blooms into the house since the blooms from Sunday are still going strong. After a shower I get out and run a few errands and return to home. My web hosting company has changed their email servers (or something) so my email accounts are broken. I'll call them tomorrow because their online instructions on how to update the server addresses doesn't work. And I finally get to the a fun and unpredicatble Moto2 race from COTA. Later in the day I help the CSULA students out and get assigned to work with an intern by the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force for an effort that I proposed that we do a few years ago.

Thursday is occupied with a good session with the weights, trimming sidebushes on all sides of the yard, and a visit to the acupuncturist.

Friday and Saturday see good timed two hour bicycle rides on the mountain bicycle along the ocean or up the Los Angeles river trail. On Friday I run someerrands and on Saturday I pick up a book from the library which has been on hold for for many months (to be picked up when those ahead of me finish with it). The remainder of both days are involved with the final push for the CSULA team presentation and code and final report.

On Sunday my cycling legs are tired so I go for a long run/walk instead. This is the first time in many, many months that I have not cycled on a Sunday. Nonetheless I get in a good ninety minute run/walk with the left hamstring telling me iots there but not hampering the effort. Since it is Easter, today is a very slow day. I do some work on the CSULA effort and other wise be a vegetable watching whatever I can find on television or Netflix.

I sleep an extra hour on Monday morning and have an "aha moment" where I realize why the CSULA algorithm is not performing as we expect it to. So I work on that and now the algorithmis performing very well. Late in the morning I get in a good workout with the weights where I've increased the weights and have no harmful effects. While sweaty, I go spray the front junipers for spider mites and then take a shower to wash off any of the spider mite poison that might have got on me. I keep testing out the CSULA algorithm under different conditions and its hoding up well. In between test runs I wash the hardwood floors in the house and then wash the kitchen floor.