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Monday, December 30, 2019 8:02 PM

End of Year

Person Be_T and I start Tuesday with breakfast and then we go our own ways. Person Be_T to run errands and prepare for work this afternoon and me to go riding. I start with no predetermined destination and just try to find new places to ride. I end up via a new path out at Lamphun. From there I start back to the hotel along a different road thathas a bike path alongside and the train tracks. I've heard of the train in Thailand and walked out to the Chiang Mai train station, but I've never seen it. Until today! By taking this different road home I hear and see the train come along the bike path and disappear into the distance. By the time I get home I've been at it for nearly three hours in the hot sun so I'm wiped out. I cool dwn with a shower and try to re-hydrate. Person Ta_T comes over to visit and we have a nice dinner via GrabFood delivery service and a long conversation. I'm worried about Person Ta_T because he seems to be isolating himself and becoming a hermit. But he has to come to this realization and solve his problem. Later I pick up Person Be_T at his workplace and I get the silent treatment. I find out Person Be_T is jealous of Person Ta_T and I have to convince Person Be_T that Person Ta_T is just a friend that I've known for three years and nothing else. Person Be_T has some trust issues because he has been cheated on in the past.

After a night of the silent treatment Person Be_T and I talk and try to clear the air. We grab breakfast and then Person Be_T goes home as I go cycling. I'm worn out so I only ride for 100 minutes and call it quits. I relax for a while and then return the bicycle and do a load of laundry. I go pick up Person Be_T from his workplace at 11pm and it is as if yesterday didn't happen. Person Be_T is in a good mood and other than me bringing the subject up, yesterday is not spoken about.

Person Be_T and I get up and have breakfast and I finish packing. We say our goodbyes and I take a Grab taxi to the Chiang Mai airport, have a smooth flight to Bangkok's smaller airport, and jump on the A2 bus (for the first time) to get near my hotel. When the A2 bus stops near Victory Monument I get off and get lost (since this is the first time I took this bus and it drops me off in a strange location). But eventually I get to the hotel - the A2 bus costing 30 Thai Baht whereas a typical tax/BTS skytrain ride from the airport would be 200 Thai Baht. Later I go walking and grab dinner and then get ready for a long night of sleep after little sleep the last two nights.

I sleep late and well on Friday to make up for shortened sleep on Wednesday and Thursday. At mid morning I take the BTS skytrain to Sala Daeng and then walk to my favorite coffeehouse to do some work. I started this trip at this coffeehouse so I might as well end it here too. I work on the demographic/crime study. I'm making progress but not getting the rapid convergence that I expected. I stop off for a late lunch at a restaurant I've been to before and then I go back to my hotel. I continue working away and only take a break to go grab some chips and Coke.

I sleep horribly into Staurday mrning - waking up at 3am after some deep sleep but being unable to fall back asleep for a long time. After 7am I get up and continue working on a cellular automata version of the demographic/crime study. And then I begin the process of getting home. I check out of the hotel and walk to the Victory Monument BTS skytrain station and ride the train for one stop, transfer to the airport rail link, and ride to the airport. My flight doesn't leave until 2am on Sunday morning, so I've grabbed one of the cheap, small hotels near the airport (with free shuttle service) to rest at for 12 hours or so. I work on the cellular automata modeling of crime and then, late on Saturday night, go to the airport for a SUnday 2:15 am flight that should get me into Los Angeles near 7:00 am.

I get into Los Angeles near 7 am on Sunday and catch a shuttle bus, two trains, and a Lyft ride home. Without unpacking, I notice that the house is at 55F inside and then I head for Home Depot to buy lawn and painting supplies, Trader Joe's for vitamins, and the grocery store to replenish the empty refrigerator. Back at home I carefully unpack everything and put all of the clothes directly into the washing machine. I cook rice and vegetables to last a few days and then mow the lawn and trim the roses. After a shower I relax with football games and paperwork.

I start Monday with some work on the cellular automata crime modeling. Near 9 am I walk to the post office to pick up my held mail and, of course, they don't have it. They supposedly track it down and say my usual mail carrier will deliver it today. Then I walk to the drug store for supplies. Back at home I lift light weights and see how the rib respond - better than expected. THough I do ice the ribs after the workout. Then I lay down some powdered weed killer in the rose beds, put the spare biccle back together (aftr I scavenged it for the trip), and put the motorcycle back together (which starts right up). After a shower I have lunch and watch the F1 race from ABu Dhabi from a month ago. In the early afternoon I work on the cellular automata crime modeling and prediction and have a good story to tell. Now I just have to write it up and post it online. And maybe distribute it to some Long Beach and CSULB people who are working on crime modeling. Person Ch_C comes over to visit in the afternoon and we have a nic chat and then go to Japanese dinne.

I'm up early on Tuesday and go walking to the grocery store for supplies - I don't want to get caught in the Christmas eve rush for Christmas dinner supplies. Near 8:30 am I get out on the mountain bicycle ride. It feels good to be on my bicycle that fits perfectly. I ride down to the old yacht club and turn back for home. On the way home I see my third cousin Kyle riding in the opposite direction so I turn around and ride with him. We have a nic conversation and I get the scoop for the family's upcoming holiday celebrations that I'm invited to. Finally we turn for home and I drop Kyle off at his apartment. On the way home I see me roofing cyclist (or cycling roofer) Dennis walking his dog so I stop and we have a good conversation. At hme I gt a quick shower and then go to the bank to deposit a Climathon check for me and other cheks for my borther's estate. The afternoon is slow but late in the evening I make great progress on the crime demographics and except for one index for plotting, it is complete.

I'm up early again on Wednesday and fix the plotting index. Now all of the data is available and just have to continue writing up the results. Again near 8:30 amI get out on the road bicycle (since the rear wheel bearings of the mountain bicycle are screeching). It's a decent ride and I don't run into any friends or acquaintances. After the ride I paint the back door trim and then get a shower. I relax with some television but get restless. So I paint the inside of the back door as I kickoff the interior painting effort despite a little more external painting to be finished.

I keep waking up on Wedneday night into Thursday morning since we are having some intense rain. It feels good to listen to the rain (knowing that I have a good roof on the house). I get up just after 6 am on Thursday and get to work on writing up the crime demographics simulation and prediction. I make good progress and decide to take a break. I lift weights (without pain in the shoulders), paint the frame around the garage door, and start working on fixing the mountain bicycle rear wheel. I do an exploratory disassembly and realize that I have to do a messy, greasy cleanup and re-lube, so I quit for a while and go take a shower. I continue on with the crime demographics report and almost finish it when I run out of steam. I just relax on a break again and watch some television for a while and have a late lunch. Later I finish the crime demographic report and publish it on

I'm a bit out of control on Friday - the day when the low temperature is down to 41 degrees. I go walking and pick up some groceries and give my favorite casher a jacket from Thailand. Then I walk some more in the cold temperature until I get back home and warm up with a shower. After the shower I grab breakfast as I work on another project related to census districts, adjust the gate (which is slightly misaligned due to all of the rain), and lay everything out for painting later. I hop on the motorcycle and ride it down to the Long Beach public library where some books are on hold for me. It feels good to ride the motorcycle at 150 kilometers per hour again. When I get back home I patch small sections of the garage door frame for later painting and then paint the backdoor the shocking neon blue. It looks great but needs a second coat. Back inside the house I pay some bills and continue on with the census study. And finally I give the back door a second coat of paint and it looks great.

I let Saturday morning warm up a bit from the low of 41 degrees F. I get in a good 60 kilometer road bicycle ride and get cleaned up. After noon I pick up supplies and gifts and drive down to San Clemente where the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins are having a get together. We have fun talking about Flint (where all of us grew up), our travels, and other things. I'm back in the World Rally Car to drive home near 8 pm.

I have a very low key day on Sunday. I get out for a good hour long walk in the morning and work on some census demographics. But for the most part I read and watch football.

I start Monday slowly working on the census demographics. Finally, after putting it off since last Thursday, I bring the moutain bicycle wheel into the house (where it is warmer than the garage) and start trying to find the source of the weird screeching and noises. I pull the bearings and axle out and note that they are pretty dirty, but I see no damage. So I clean everything up and lube things up with new grease and put it back together. On the bicycle the rear wheel spins well and there is no noise when I ride it up and down the street. And I have to try it out! So I put on cycling clothes and have a good ride down past the aquarium and turn around and push hard against a headwind coming back home. I don't hear a thing from the rear wheel/axle/bearings, so I am happy. After a shower I continue on with the census demoraphics and take time out to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors. The hardwood floors will have to wait a day or so. I get in a lot of other little tasks for Fair Trade Long Beach, my 2020 schedule (which is starting to fill up), sone non-profit paperwork, and miscellaneous things to keep me busy and make me feel that I have accomplished things today.

I'm up early on Tuesday, new years eve, and working away on demographics, sports statistics, shock response spectra, and miscellaneous other things. I'm powered today by a Red Bull/Mountain Dew cocktail and I'm just plain out of control. I'm obsessed with some of these efforts and just have my head down making super progress. Before I know it, the day is approaching the noon hour, so I get out and lift weights with a extra set thrown in for each exercise for good measure. Afterwards I spray weed killer where weeds are popping up in the yard and the cement and I continue to wash the hardwood floors. It's approaching 2:30 in the afternoon and I've only had a blueberry muffin and I'm still going strong.