Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday December 12, 2016 8:02 PM

Trip Preparations

I start Tuesday with a long walk and various small things until I go visit a former co-worker for lunch. We have Korean food and catch up on our recent trips. When I get home I have a heavy session with the weights - the same as yesterday's workout but with better form. And then I clean the bathrooms, continue to get paperwork in order, and do a bit of web programming in the evening.

On Wednesday and Thursday I have relatively slow days. I get out for a good mountain bicycle ride on Wednesday and lift weights heavy on Thursday. Otherwise I run some errands, clean up the house, put more paperwork in order, and pick up Karl from the Long Beach airport on Thursday afternoon. Except that Karl's bag does not arrive. After waiting around the airport and being unable to find suitable Delta airliens personnel, because Delta has a small presence at the Long beach airport, we make phons calls and then drive down to 2nd Street for dinner. We sit at a restaurant/bar and split a veggie burger and catch up. After a while we drive to the airport again to see if the bag is back but it is not. So we drive home for the evening.

Both Karl and I get up a bit late on Friday morning and make baggage phone calls. As we're making calls the bag gets delivered. Late in the morning we ride the mountain bicycles past he old yacht club to the outlet point and return. Karl has Christmas gifts that he ahs to send off, so he packages them up and sends them as we have a nice Japanese lunch and then get passport photos needed for the Cambodian visas. At the Japanese lunch we meet a nice man and Huta gets my phone number. After a few more errands and attempts to watch a streaming movie, we head back to Second Street and meet up with Person T_U for a Lebanese dinner. We catch up some more and hopefully Karl and Person T_U are not too offensive with the wine that they have. We go walk along Second Street for a lap and then call it an evening.

On Saturday we get out cycling in the late morning for another good ride. After getting cleane dup we drive to Torrance and have lunch in the Del Amo mall at a Korean fresh food restaurant. We sit and watch people wander around for an hour or so as we eat our lunches. And then we do more mall walking before we head for home. We take Uber down to Second Street again and stop in two bars/restaurants and talk and look for interesting people. At 10:45 Karl says that we should go to West Hollywood so soon we are in another Uber car heading north. It takes a while to get to a good club, but the minute we walk in at 12:15 I know we've hit the right spot because the music is super. I grab the hands of various people to dance with me but most people have their own agenda tonight. Nonetheless the music is super and I'm getting a good workout. Just before closing time as the lights are coming up I hear Karl say, "Hey, that guy just took our jackets". (They were draped over a railing behind me.) So we start pushing and shoving our way through the crowd to catch up with the thief. We get outside the lcub and cannot see him. I did not see him, so I have to rely on Karl's identification. We look around among the crowd and after more than 5 minutes Karl says, "Tha's my jacket over there". So we both gang up on the guy whose holding a stack of 5 jackets and when he sees us getting our jackets back with "Hey, those are our jackets", he drops the entire pile of jackets on the ground and starts denying everything. He keeps saying, "Did you see me take the jackets? etc" Karl wants to pursue this but I tell him we should let it go because my jacket was only $8 in Thailand. So we catch another Uber home (with a shared ride half of the way) and turn out the lights for sleep at 3:30 am.

I'm up before 7 am and work on a few things before Karl gets up and we go cycling late in the morning. When we return there is laundry to do and I haven't started packing for a flight that leaves tonight, so those activities get going. Later we get another Uber ride to the train station and take two trains and a shuttle bus to Los Angeles International airport and check in for our 10:20 pm flight to Phnom Penh through China.