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Monday October 10, 2016 8:02 PM


I start Tuesday with a good 45 mile road bicycle ride. There are periods of speed and periods of low blood sugar on this ride. But its awlays good to be out riding. But after the ride I am wiped out. I try to pump up the blood sugar with a Sprite, but this doesn't fully do it. Near 11 am I'm on the motorcycle riding to Manhattan Beach to meet up with a business colleague to talk about how we can work together. Ellen brings her service-dog-in-training Rosie to the restaurant and its good to have a doggie around again. After the two hour lunch and discussion I'm on the hook to visit downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday for another homeless event. When I get home I am still wiped out, so I walk to the drugstore and then workout the abdominals and lower back. This helps a bit but it isn't until I have rice and vegetables and cheese and Coca Cola that the blood sugar is better. And in the evening I relax since it is a warm, humid day and I need to catch up on some events coming up.

I have a horrible time sleeping on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning after about 2:30 am. It is warm and humid and I keep changing positions, but I cannot sleep. EVentually the alarm goes off and I hit snooze twice before getting out and running for 50 minutes - about 10 minutes shorter than desired. After a shower I make sure my appointments are still intact and ride the motorcycle to CSULA for meetings with the two teams that I am volunteer advising on. When I get home I take the car for gasoline and recycling of cans and grocery shopping. I'm still abuzz, so I feed and water the roses and cook vegetables for lunch for the next few days. And then I take a shower to cool down and relax.

I'm lazy on Thursday and just do a two hour mountain bicycle ride. But its a good ride because it is windy and this gives me the chance to push against the wind. I clean up the mountain bicycle when I've finished the ride and preapre a few other things to help clean the house this afternoon.

I start Friday with a 70 minute run. This is one of the longer runs I've had in the last few years and it feels good and I have no left calf pain (which is usually my downfall). After a shower and a muffin I run some errands including a stop in at the brand new Long Beach Michele Obama library which is only a mile or so from my house. It just opened a month ago. But I'm not necessarily impressed as the book collection seems short compared with the computers and other learning tools available. In the afternoon I spend more time cleaning the house and reading the books that I just got.

Saturday starts with a 50 minute run. Other than the first mile, I feel good during the run with no aches or pains. Just before noon I drive near Los Angeles International airport to pick up Karl. We drive back home and get out for a two hour ride on the mountain bicycles. It is getting near dinner time so we drive to 2nd street and eat Lebanese food. Person T_U is at a bar in Sunset Beach so we drive down there and end up missing him. Instead we are alone at a dive/biker bar that really has no redeeming values. Person T_U continues to say that there are good bands that play there. But besides the place being the size of a small living room, I don't see any decent bands. Karl and I are back at home and we're both drained from the hot day and passed out asleep by 11 pm.

On Sunday both Karl and I are awake early. This is unusal for Karl. Nonetheless by 8:30 am we are heading out the door for another mountain bicycle ride. There are distractions with 5k and 10k runs and a car show, but we have a good ride. After getting cleaned up we meet Person T_U for lunch and enjoy french fries (and other things). Karl and I then go to Best Buy to but electronics supplies, Ikea to buy furinure, and target to buy other supplies. By now it is time to take Karl to the Long Beach airport so that he can go to his mining conference in Las Vegas. When I return home I watch the Aragon MotoGP race and take delivery of a bed and mattress from Ikea for the guest bedroom.

Monday is a typically slow day. I'm a bit physically hungover from all of the ccling and running, so I wait until mid morning and get in a good workout for the abdominals and lower back. After a shower I drop off items at Goodwill and go to the opening of the Uplab co-working space a mile or up Atlantic avenue. I run into two Long Beach i-team people who I had met before and we talk about the new co-work space as well as the current i-team projects and upcoming events. And I have interesting discussions with a artists and an anti-sugar freak. But the co-work space is bright and airy, if a bit small, and is a needed facility for the area. The rest of Monday is somewhat slow as I assemble the new bed, watch the Moto3 race from Aragon, do some reading, and watch the presidential debate.

On Monday night into Tuesday morning I have another horible night of sleep. I get up and surf the Internet and read a bit and finally drop off for sleep. When the alarm goes off I debate what to do but slowly get out of bed and start running. Despite the lack of sleep I feel good and run for 52 minutes. And soon I'm on the motorcycle to go to downtown Los Angeles to meet with homeless advocates as they have their monthly setup near the Central Library. The setup allows resources for the homeless to all gather in one location and provide their services for the homeless. I see a lot of inertia and red tape to fight through to get this project going, but we'll see. And as I'm talking with DMh and other homeless agencies, I get a call from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena wanting me to test the second flight unit of a cryocooler. (Recall that I spent a few weeks in Pasadena about a year ago working the test on the first flight unit.) I call back and try to get the details and see if the pay rate and schedule fits in with my current plans. Later in the evening Person H_Cs comes to visit and we relax and catch up since we haven't seen eachother for 6 weeks or so.

I have a bit of trouble sleeping on Tuesaday night into Wednesday. When I wake up I have a slight fever and just relax before riding the motorcycle up to CSULA. I meet with both teams and we have productive sessions and have directions to go forward. I expect to lift weights when I get home, but my heart isn't in it. Instead I mow the lawn and feed/water the roses. And finally watch the Moto2 race from this past Sunday from Aragon. On Wednesday night I try to figure out why I haven't slept well lately and vow to improve every area of my health starting first thing on Thursday morning.

I still have a slight fever, less than 0.5 degree, on Thursday morning. I get out for a 52 minute run and it feels good once I'm past the first mile of aches and pains. After a shower I collect old electronics equipment and cables for recycling and start working on a grant/pitch application for the non-profit. I go pick Karl up at the Long Beach airport after noon and we relax aa bit and then go for a loop ride. Today is pretty windy so it provides a good opportunity to push into the wind and work the legs. After getting cleaned up we go over to Cerritos mall to hang out and grab dinner.

Friday starts with another good bicycle ride past the old yach club and back home. I get cleaned up and grab lunch and ride the motorcycle to Redondo Beach for an unmanned aerial vehicle demonstration. I'm impressed with some of the technology and give my number to one of the people giving te demonstration so that we might work together. Karl has gone swimming and when we are both presentable we go have Japanese dinner and then watch part of a movie. Near 10 pm we drive over and pick up Person T_U to go out clubbing. THe first club has good music but we leave for another club. This club is not as much fun for me but Karl and Person T_U wanted to come here. I make the best of it. We hang out for a while after the club closes and eventually make it home to get the lights turned out for sleep at 3:20 am on Saturday morning.

I'm out of bed a bit after 6:30 am to water the grass and adjust sprinklers and watch qualifying for the Malaysian F1 race. Near noon Karl and I go for a bicycle ride past the old yacht club to the little-known point between Long Beach and Seal Beach. And then we return home. AFter getting cleaned up we arrange to meet Person T_U later for dinner, but first we take an Uber ride to 2nd street to a sports bar to watch football games. I don't really care about the football games, but I go along for the ride. Eventually the three of us have dinner and wander around a bit more checking other scores and checking other bars and clubs along 2nd street. But we are tired from the previous night of clubbing (and all of the cycling) so sleep starts a bit after 11 pm.

I start Sunday with a 52 minute run surprisingly without any aches or pains even in the first mile. I make a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies for the upcoming week and take Karl to Los Angeles International airport before noon for his flight back to home in Florida. I catch the Malaysian F1 race. And I don't know what happens to the rest of SUnday.

As usual, Monday starts out slowly. I water the roses, and get in a workout with the weights, and clean up the motorcycle windscreen, but nothing serious happens. After 10 am I walk over and get bandages from the pharamacy, transfer money at the bank, buy a couple of clothing items, and go back home to make a few more financial moves. And then I sweep the hardwood floors and wash the kitchen floor. I get offers from people to collaborate on ideas and projects, but I defer responses until Tuesday when I am more lucid. It is another slow Monday during retirement as opposed to the typically panic-stricken Mondays when I was working.

It is good to be back on the road bicycle on Tuesday morning. Though it is windy and the wind changes direction occasionally, I get in a good 48 mile ride and crank along quite nicely. I run some errands, get more books from the library, stop in to have an initial visit with a banker/financial planner (just to see what offers are available), and end up back at home to work on some web programming. I've downloaded a new CSS template specifically for this project and want to get going on it.

I start Wednesday with another 52 minute run. I don't feel any aches or pains during this run. After getting cleaned up and starting to write documentation for the IRS, I ride the motorcycle up to CSULA to meet with one of my senior design project teams. Two team members are sick and I give them the "abuse the crap out of Vitamin C, drink plenty ofwater/fluids, and rest" advice. But we make progress on an upcoming presentation. When I get home I trim, feed, and water the roses as they are starting to look like they might give me a late October or early November bloom. And then I continue working on the IRS forms and California state forms. I wanted to get going on the web programming but I've run out of steam (and neurons) and it will have to wait for another day.

Thursday is a mish-mash day. I take the day off from exercising and drive down to the Long Beach innovation team civic summit. I run into iteam members, neighborhood people, and homeless advocates that I know. I also run into a couple of other people that I talk with and mention about working together "since I'm an algorithm geek and might be able to do things that they don't knwo can be done". I leave at noon and go mow the lawn and work on a new matching/tracking website for matching resources to people in need and also for tracking them through the conitnuum of care. And I finish up a gran tapplication for early 2017. I also buy a new printer since the seven year old boat anchor printer has decided to quit working.

I want to go cycling on Friday morning but my heart isn't in it for some reason. Instead I strap on the running shoes and push out about 10 miles with no aches or pains. I clean up the carnations and do some web programming. I also receive word that California State University at Los Angeles wants me to sit on their Industrial Advisory Board to map out the direction of the engineering colleges. I keep accumulating opportunities to contribute to various organizations. But when do I get to retire?

I start Saturday with a road bicycle ride in Santa Ana winds. I ctach and pass a few riders until one rider sticks with me. When we turn up towards the Santa Fe dam he is still holding my wheel but then pulls me along for a couple miles until he gets tired. And then I resume the pulling. I'm feeling good today and turn around and head for home at a good pace for almost 60 miles. I load up the car trunk with all sorts of old electronics, cables, and the boat anchor printer that just died. And I take them to the electronics recycling center. And, as happens everytime I go there, I get people saying they like my car and ask me if I roadrace or offroad race it. I run a few other errands and do some web programming but have a fairly slow day.

I have a bit of trouble sleeping on Saturday ight and even read for a while. But when the alarm goes off I fully expect to skip cycling today and lift weights a bit later. But before I know it the cycling clothes are going on and I'm riding north on the Los Angeles river trail to the dam. Today I just turn around and head for home. But I am cranking along at speeds greater than 25 miles per hour at certain times. I'm glad that I rode today. I watch a close and strategic Japanes eGrand Prix from Suzuka, Japan and then relax and do some web programming throughout the day. There is an early autumn lull in activities despite the heat, but I enjoy the lack of obligations for the weekend. Other obligations will come throughout the upcoming week.

I sleep in a bit late, until 6:40 am, on Monday morning. I mill about the house and check the news and election forecasts and stock market before getting in a good session with the weights. Since I've had three good workouts running or cycling the last three days, today I concentrate on the upper body only. I have a couple of conference calls to deal with and relax and read and enjoy a visit from Person H_CS late in the afternoon.