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Monday September 19, 2016 8:02 PM

Home Again

On Tuesday morning there are still no people at the hotel, so I leave some money in the room and the keys in the door (like last time). And I hope that they have honest room cleaning people. I take a taxi to Mexico City's airport and get a smooth flight to Los Angeles. And then I take a bus, two trains, and another bus to get home. I start the process of unpacking and putting things away, walk to the grocery store for supplies, do some laundry, and get in a session with the weights. Since I have not lifted for 3 weeks and since I have been sick, I go with light weights and they are still a struggle. But it feels good to lift again, trim and clean and water the roses, and take a shower afterwards. I spend the rest of the day sorting through mail and putting things away.

I start Wednesday with a 45 mile road bicycle ride. There is a constant headwind against me going away from home but I enjoy the breeze at my back on the way home. And I struggle the last few miles since I am still weak. After getting cleaned up I run a number of errands including dropping off a bottle of champagne at my lawnmower reapir man who has decided to retire. He doesn't know what to think when I am approaching him with a bottle of champagne, but he calls his wife over and after we talk and I tell him and his wife how much I will miss them, there is a tear in the wife's eye. He has been the only lanmower guy I have had for 30 years in Long Beach and I liked his services, his smile, his family, and his doggie. But he is retirning because he has trouble seeing the small lawnmower pieces anymore. When I get home I trim the bush in the front of the yard and then get on my hands and knees to clean up the carnations. Now I am really tired so I relax and try to recover for the rest of the day.

Thursday starts with a mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club and back home. I'm still weak and tired, but its always good to get out on a bicycle. Afterwards I mow and edge the lawn and grab a cool shower. Near noon I ride the motorcycle down to the main public library and get three books to read. And then I go home to relax, catch up on paperwork, do a bit of web programming, and do some reading.

Friday starts with a one hour run. It feels good to run for the first time in about two weeks. Soon I'm on the motorcycle to ride to Cal State University at Los Angeles to meet with two senior design teams: one an unmanned aerial vehicle for law enforcement and the other a new Cubesat launch dispenser. I mwwt all of the students on thw two teams and the faculty advisors and we talk about the scope of the projects and some possible pitfalls. It should be a fun academic year! When I get home I lift weights and feed/water the roses before taking a cool shower and relaxing for the evening.

I get out on the road bicycle on Saturday morning. I'm feeling much better now than when I first returned from my trip where I was still sick and weak. On the way down the San Gabriel river trail another cyclist tags on to me and we trade off pulling each other along. And I end up with 48 miles for the morning. I run a few errands and fill up with groceries, cook lunch for the week, and watch the F1 qualifying session from Singapore. Throughout the day I reset and re-password my WiFi router, clean the bathroom floors, take care of some gardening, and get in a 90 minute nap.

Sunday is a fairly lazy day. I certainly ride the mountain bicycle for two hours and clean and feed the roses and do some laundry. Otherwise I just watch the F1 race from Singapore and watch some football.

I have a slow Monday that includes a good session with the weights, a haircut, some errands, some reading, and some minor web programming. Monday's tend to be slow.