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Monday August 15, 2016 8:02 PM

Birthday 59!

Tuesday, my birthday, starts with the "one mile cycling for every year old". I manage to get in 60 miles today (an added extra mile) including a detour through Grant Rea park which is shutdown for coyote issues and recent coyotes or children. I don't know. But I figure a coyote isn't going to come after a big cyclist so I ignore the yellow tape and ride through the park. I finish the ride strong and it doesn't feel like 60 miles today. It's a low key day and I work on some web programming and other little interesting technical things that I want to do. In the mail I receive notice that the state of California has approved a non-profit status for an organization and now I have to wait for an IRS confirmation. Near 6 pm there is a teleconference about the child abuse application.

I'm a bit slow to get moving on Wednesday after Tuesday's long bicycle ride. After breakfast I have a good workout with the weights and then trim/edge/mow the lawn. I also take a few minutes to trim the roses. After getting cleaned up I get supplies from the grocery store and send out some emails for business leads. Throughout the day there is some web programming, some reading, some watching of the Olympics, some business plan development, and some relaxing.

On Thursday I head back to the Habitat for Humanity build site in Montebello. Today we are putting the roof trusses onto one of the duplexes. It takes most of the day just to get the roof trusses lifted up to the second story and in a position to be moved upright and nailed in place. That final placement will happen on Friday and Saturday without me. I can't even think about trying to solve two of my web programming problems related to encryption or pdf formats, so I'm just a vegetable on Thursday night.

I don't quite know where Friday went. I don't go cycling in the morning because I'm hungover from the Habitat build. Instead I take care of a few things and then have a heavier session with the weights. It feeels good to go up in weights a bit. I know I watch the women's 10,000 meter run with a new world record set. But before I know it, I'm getting ready for a fundraiser for ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asia Tourism). This organization has been around for 20 years or so and I hope someday they can rid the world of the people who prey on young children. The fundraiser is a bit boring and silly, but at least the money is for a good cause. And I'm back in bed and on my last unread book before 10 pm.

Saturday is a busy day. I get out for a mountain bicycle ride down to the old yacht club. Today I catch a rider going each way and push the speed a bit to stay with each rider. There is a 9:30 am teleconference to talk about the child abuse application and related opportunites. At 11 am I jump on the motorcycle and ride up to Rowland Heights to meet up with Person Ed_C. Person Ed_C is nice and sincere and I hope that we can hang out again soon. When I get home I do some web programming and miss the men's 10,000 meter race because NBS messed up the program descriptions.

I get out the door a bit early on Sunday morning for a 47 mile road bicycle ride. I'm a bit slow to start but then get cranking fairly nicely. The road bicycle is making some noises so when I get home I pull the seat off and re-lube the tube (since this was the cause of noise on the mountain bicycle). I hope that this is the problem and that it isn't another bottom bracket bearing gone bad. After a cool shower I watch an exciting MotoGP race and then a good, strategic women's marathon. It's a slow afternoon and later in the evening I catch a very exciting Moto3 race (also from Austria).

I sleep late on Monday and do some web programming. I finally manage to solve the encryption problem that had been plaguing me for two months and so I'm happy. I just have to put the encryption into the production version of the code. At mid morning I go out and lift weights and cool down with a shower. And go back to work on web programming - both on the encryption part as well as a separate site for resource provision for those in need. By the time I look at the clock it is almost 6 pm but I've got the skeleton encryption working and I've completed the basic resource provision process. Just some resources need to have phone numbers attached to them. But its color-coded and ready to be displayed and/or Beta tested. What a long day of coding! Person H_CS texts me but I'm not in the mood for visitors and we agree to try and meet up on Wednesday.