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Monday July 25, 2016 8:02 PM

Hacking Away

Tuesday starts with a 48 mile road bicycle ride past the Whitter Narrows dam and back home. I feel good throughout the ride and am starting to think that I need to make my regular rides a bit longer. I do small errands around the house until it is time for the 7pm homeless meeting. TOnight it is just me and the organizer and we brainstorm some ideas and try to put together a presentation for a big conference on Saturday (and he agrees to invite me for free).

Wednesday is another Habitat for Humanity day in Montebello. Today there are many volunteers and they contribute to the building (but also slow things down a bit with communication and training). It is hot in Monetebllo - 90F - so everyone takes regular water breaks and we probably don't get as far along as we had hoped. But still good progress. After a shower and dinner I ride the mountain bicycle a few miles to a park for a "picnic" concert on the lawn with the Long Beach Municipal band. Person T_U is supposed to meet me at the park because it is right across the street from his house. Forty five minutes after Person T_U has said, "I'm on my way", he calls back and says he can't find me. It turns out he went to a different concert in a park and not the one across his own street.

On Thursday I am wiped out from Wednesday's very hot Habitat build, so I get up and do some web programming, walk to the grocery store for supplies, and trim and mow the lawn and take care of the roses. When I finish and get cleaned up I watch a wild finish to the Tour de France mountain stage up Mt Ventoux (which is shortened because of nasty winds) and has chaos due to a motorcike accident. In the early afternoon I meet with a financial planner just because he/she will probably have a better idea of tax implications of various financial moves. The remainder of the day is spent working on websites.

I start Friday with a good road bicycle ride past the Whitter Narrows dam and back home for 48 miles. On the way down the San Gabriel river trail I've caught a guy and he tags onto my wheel and I pull him 10 against a headwind at 22 miles per hour. Just as I am getting to my turn off he pulls out and says, "Thanks for the pull. The Czech train was awesome". He says this because I'm wearing my Czech Republic cycling jersey. I don't correct him that it should "Czech locomotive" named after the Olympic runner Emil Zatopek. But I have a good ride and he got a good tow into the wind.

Late on Frdiay I lift weights and have a shower and pick Person T_U up for a night of clubbing. We hit three clubs over the time period and enjoy some good music. Since I am unattached right now I use the time to re-acquaint myself with introducing myself to potential people of interest. Though Person T_U ha had only two drinks, he is stumbling around and has to sit down for a while because he also hit the gym but didn't really have any dinner. It's a good thing I'm the designated driver imbibing on Red Bull and 7-Up. I'm laying my head down for sleep at 3am on Saturday morning.

I get out of bed on Saturday morning 3.5 hours after falling asleep. I take a slightly shortened mountain bicycle ride which is difficult to get started but good once I get going. After a shower I have a teleconference at 9 am, get a smog check for the car, get the main library for more books, and go to the convention center for a technology conference. Except that people associated with the homeless project are nowhere to be found. So I have lunch with other friends and come back and the homeless project people are still nowhere to be found. After a more than two hour window I assume they are not coming and I go home and trim the lawn and fix a sprinkler and try to do some web programming. This change of server in mid-stream is really causing me headaches!

I get out for a road bicycle ride on Sunday morning. I pick up some riders on the way north and we ride together - changing leaders between me and Pepe (I just learned his name) - and then I hit my turn-around point and let them continue on. Back down the San Gabriel river trail I pick up another rider and we trade off leading each other until I turn for home. It's a 48 mile ride - farther than I expected after the previous days of riding and clubbing but I feel good. After cleaning the bicycle up and a shower, I watch a wet but drying MotoGP race from Germany and have a slow day at home. Eventually I watch the mountain stage of the Tour de France and start in on a final "dashboard" for a website late on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday are slow days. I get out for a two hour mountain bicycle loop ride on Tuesday and watch motorcycle racing on both days. And do more encryption programming on both days. The website is pretty much ready for Beta testing and a subsequent roll-out except for the encryption.

On Wednesday I do not go build for Habitat for Humanity. I'm having a little personal emotional crisis. I go ride the mountain bicycle for two hours and then clean the exterior of half of the house windows before taking a shower and running errands. During the mid-day heat I watch the mountain stage of the Tour de France and then clean the insides of these same windows. I'll get the rest of the windows on Thursday or Friday - it has been 18 months or 24 months since I last cleaned them. I can't keep track. Person T_U reminds me of a nearby concert in a park (not across the street from his house) and I ask him if he's picking me up because I don't want to drive. We drive down to the park and watch an Elvis impersonator (or tribute band) play early rock and roll songs. I guess it's okay and soemthing to get me out of the house.

Thursday is very hot so I get in 45 miles on the road bicycle early in the morning and then try to stay cool. I do some reading and watch a stage of the Tour de France and when the evening comes around, I clean up the roses and finish cleaning the insides of the windows. The outsides of five windows will have to wait until Friday morning.

Friday is supposed to be another blazing hot day. I go out walking first thing in the monring and follow that up with an abdominal and lower back workout and then I finish washing the windows. The windows look as clean and shiny as the day they were installed 14 years ago. After a shower I go to the library and return three books (only one fully read) and pick up three new books. ANd do some gorcery shopping. I watch an exiciting stage of the Tour de France and also do some web programming as we are finally getting close to having very strong encryption implemented in the database. It's a bit quirky so it's not ready for production use, but I believe that it is close. And for the rest of the day I switch between reading a book, watching some news, trying to stay cool, and working on the website. After the initial activity it has been a lazy day. I turn down Friday night invitations in order to be ready for a Saturday morning bicycle ride.

I go all the way up to the Santa Fe dam on the Saturday morning ride. I feel good throughout the ride until I turn off on Del Amo to come home from 5 miles away. And then I just slow down a bit and take my time getting home because this is a very hot day. But in the end its 56 miles. Afterwards I re-hydrate and catch a wet/dry multiple-red-flagged qualifying session from Hungary for F1 and a wet/dry mountain stage from the Tour de France. In the afternoon I do some reading and relax and then ride the motorcycle to La Mirada for a 6 pm meeting about the child abuse and hospital reporting application. We meet up in Fullerton and talk about Wednesday's meeting with our sponsor/customer over dinner. I hope we are on traget for the meeting.

Sunday is very humid. I take the mountain bicycle out for a two hour ride to the old yacht club and back with a couple extra miles thrown in. After that, I am done for the day. I have a cool shower and watch the F1 race from Hungary and read and take a nap and clean the roses. But the heat and humidity take their toll on me.

Monday is a yucky day. I get out walking in the morning but otherwise work on websites, do some more reading, and try to stay cool. It is hot and humid and I may not be fully recovered from Saturday's long ride.