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Monday June 27, 2016 8:02 PM

Figuring It Out

Tuesday starts with a good 45 mile road bicycle ride. Today the wind has shifted so I have a headwind going out and a slight tailwind bringing me back home. After a shower I go scuff the new rear tire of the motorcycle (to get the slippery, shiny stuff off). Just after noon I hear that the meeting for helping the homeless is postponed for one week, so I continue detailing the World Rally Car with the claybar. I stop when I have run out of steam and only have the four doors and the front bumper to finish off.

I don't sleep well on Tuesday night and wake up "hungover" on Wednesday. I start the day by claybarring the four doors of the WOrld Rally car and figure I'll get the front bumper on Friday. I have a good session with the weights and then edge/mow the lawn. After a shower I ride the motorcycle to the main Long Beach library and get three books to read. In the afternoon I prepare for tonight's git/github learning session and Person Ti_Ca comes over to get the last of his things and drops the keys off. I also call a plumber because the kitchen sink is plugged up and I couldn't find the plug when dis-assembling the pipes before the go into the wall. The git/github class notes are good and allow me to learn the basics but the instructor isn't particularly good. When I ride home and pull into the driveway my headlight shines on a possum. The possum scrambles towards the house, realizes it is trapped, tries to squeeze under the wooden gate and cannot, and finally rushes for a nearby bush. It wasn't a baby possum but not full grown either.

I start Thursday with a slightly sore throat after a night of great sleep. I take the mountain bicycle out for a two hour ride to the old yacht club and back - spinning some of the time and pushing at others. My legs are tired from the previous rides, the up and down of cleaning the hardwood floors, and the up/down/bending/etc of detailing the World Rally Car. Near noon I am on the motorcycle to ride up to Culver City only a mile from where I lived when I went to UCLA. I'm meeting people about developing a child abuse application/database for hospitals. WHen I get to the meeting place I'm early so I grab a lemonade and stake out a table. THe participants arrive and as they describe the entirety of the siutation, I realize how far behind they are. I agree to help as best as I can. When I get home I am able to sit down and work on some web programming and push the ball forward and then need to work on some web tools on the side to advance the ball some more.

I get up on Friday and go for a 48 minute run/walk. By now, after the slight time off and acupuncture. the running and walking are about half anf half. I hope the left alf holds up. After a shower I do some grocery shopping and then babyist the plumbers as they snake-out a blockage in the kitchen sink (7 years since it was installed) and tighten up the faucet handles (which requires a special tool). Afterwards I work on grabbing potential contributory businesses for the homeless application and work on the child abuse web tools. (These web tools don't show any direct progress towards the August 3rd presentation gola, but will be helpfull in the long run.) When it gets to be 12:30 I realize that I have not eaten anything yet today. So I grab some rice and vegetables and relax with the news for a while.

It is supposed to be very hot on Sunday and Monday, so I go for a long ride on Saturday morning. I go all the way to the Santa Fe dam and turn around come home for abotu 56 miles. On this ride, for the first time in a long time, I stop at the Santa Fe dam and use one of my electrlyte gels because I am feeling tired and worn out and probably need it to get home. At home I take a cool shower and relax a bit and watch an unexciting F1 qualifying from Azerbaijan and then do a lot of reading throughout the day and cooking vegetables for the upcoming week. There was a possibility of hanging out with Joe and his partner and their adopted son, but that doesn't materialize. Later in the evening I start to set up a fictitious database that we can use to test this child abuse web application with.

Sunday is supposed to be very hot so I take the road bicycle up past the Whittier Narrows dam a couple miles and then turn for home. I have a very good pace down the San gabriel river trail and, as soon as I turn onto Del Amo to go home, lose steam. But it's a good 45 mile ride to go on top of yesterday's longer ride. I do some quick grocery shopping and watch an intriguing if somewhat boring F1 race. Just after 1 pm I turn on the air conditioning since the house is getting hot. And have a fairly slow day.

Monday is supposed to be 100F in Long Beach, so I get out early for a one hour walk and work on some web programming for the child abuse project. It is a very hot day and, since I've signed up for energy savings programs with Southern California Edison, I cannot use my air conditioner until 8 pm. But I have a slow day and stay hydrated.

Tuesday is already 20F cooler so I take the mountain bicycle out for the loop ride. Afterwards I work on scraping demographic information for every California zipcode (because this data will be usefull to have in the near future). And later in the evening I go back to the child abuse web programming since the homeless meetup was postponed for one week again.

Wednesday starts with a 49 minute walk and then some yardwork on the roses, carnations, and clearing undergrowth. I spend the morning organizing my calendar with all of the meetings and events coming up and then spend the afternoon doing more child abuse web programming. We're almost ready for a pre-pre-showing of the website and database process for the Saturday meeting. I alos deal with somefinancial planners who are NOT working on commissions. Instead, they are suggesting things that can help me out and they are NOT trying to puch their own products. I make some small moves which make sense and have no tax implications and agree to meet face-to-face with an advisor down in Seal Beach in a few months. I like these financial advisors!

On Thursday I work on the idea that I hatched on Wednesday afternoon for the non-profit website. By 10 am I have implemented the idea and just need to get the Javascript integrated and it will be done. I take a break to go lift weights. Since I have not lifted for a week, I drop the weights a little bit but add a set for each exercise. As I'm lifting weights I have a good idea for the convenient integration of the Javascript with the rest of the site. This happens so often - I get stuck on a problem and go walking, cycling, or lifting and good ideas to try pop into my head. Late in the afternoon I head for downtown Long Beach to meet up with city iTeam people, entrepenuers, and geeks to see what's going on and if there are opportunities for me. I saw the iTeam people hold a meeting when they first formed up about a year ago and was strongly disillusioned about them not having a plan or a clue. But now they are rolling along trying to get data freely available to people, make business licensing and forming a logical quicker process, and look for other opportunities. I congratulate them with these thoughts and suggest some types of data, including public health and crime data, that they should tackle next. When I get home I work on websites for a bit because there are some confusing things going on. By the end of the night, later than I usually stay up, things are looking better but just one more little Javascript inconsistency.

I don't sleep all that well on Thursday night as I keep waking up thinking about Javascript. Nonetheless I take the road bicycle north and am feeling strong. I go halfway to the Santa Fe dam and pick up two other riders on the southbound ride of the San Gabriel river. In addition to socializing a bit, we pull each other along at a decent rate. Finally I get to my turn-off and finish up the ride of about 48 miles. After a shower and some errands I specifically stay away from the Javascript to give it a break. I organize some paperwork as I still have piles of stuff to go through from my office at work and from here at home.

I go for a 40 minute walk on Saturday morning and then ride the motorcycle to downtown Los Angeles to meet with people trying to prevent child abuse by tracking and reporting child abuse cases in hospitals. It turns out there is a CatCon also - an event to neuter cats and help people adopt cats. When I am parking on the street I see a young lady who is paying for her parking spot with a credit card and I say, "Can I give you two dollars and share your spot?" SHe's a bit surprised, but she agrees and we walk towards our respective buildings together and make idle conversation. The meeting goes well and when the subject turns to revenue streams and money, I take leave. I don't want to bog down my Saturday. I get home and have a good workout with the weights and try to figure out my Javascript issues. Suddenly I realize there is a conflict between two Javascript scripts and once I fix the conflict, the website works perfectly! I am now satisfied with my entire Saturday (even if I didn't get out cycling today).

I'm lazy on Sunday and just do the two hour loop ride on the mountain bicycle. There are various 5k walks and runs near the aquarium so once I get past those events it is smooth sailing. I watch a wild MotoGP race from the Netherlands (The Cathedral of Speed in Assen) where the race is red-flagged because it is pouring rain and eventually gets re-started later. I do a bit of web programming but otherwise have a slow day.

I start Monday with an almost hour long walk and then spend a fair amount of time cleaning up code and documenting it for demonstration and work purposes. I watch the Moto2 race and decide that this whole race weekend is one to forget as my favorites don't do well and my least favorites do well. Throughout the day I get some text messages from Northrop Grumman indicating that NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboraory is going to want to hire me to do some testing similar to what we did last November. I guess I made a good impression on the NASA Goddard people and the NASA JPL people. Late in the afternoon I work the abdominals and lower back with a new routine and I wonder if I'll be sore over the next few days.