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Monday, May 12, 2014 8:02 AM

Into May

It's a busy, if somewhat meeting-free, week at work. I try to stay productive and make a lot of progress on my work and documenting my work. I've been trying to increase the documentation of my work lately so that if/when I retire, there will be a paper trail for people to follow.

The week is also very hot - high temperatures in Long Beach at 95F. On two of my motorcycle rides home in the afternoon I see very high temperatures on the water temperature guage. But nothing that fails.

I have the most incredible workout with weights on Wednesday and everything is sore afterwards. This is how it should be. Throughout the week I also put in extra attention to the roses and yard since it is so hot.

Thursday and Friday at work are tied up with making progress on my models and simulations as well as working on new business in Michigan and trying to help some people out of a pickle here at home. As expected, I seem to be the greybeard that people call when there are problems. I'm still sore from Wednesday's workout so I go walking on Thursday and repeat Wednesday's workout on Friday. I can tell this is going to hurt (in a good way) on Saturday and maybe even into Sunday. After the great workout and mowing the lawn and cleaning up the roses, I have a relaxing Friday evening with some ice hockey playoffs in advance of Saturday's ride.

I do not know how to admit or deal with is issue, but I have a problem. On Thursday at work I'm tied up during lunch and eventually walk over to a local grill to have some lunch relatively late. When I'm walking back to my office I'm startled (a bit) by someone walking behind me as I stop for a traffic light. I almost faint when I see Person X_X behind me as Person X_X is so cute and so attractive that I want to hand over my entire financial empire on the spot. Other than a "Hi", I don't say anything and just watch as Person X_X walks away going about his business. Though I try to be productive on Thursday afternoon at work and throughout the rest of the week, I am still distracted by the shear attractiveness of Person X_X. And I wonder if I can manage to have another "chance meeting" with Person X_X in the same area though I know he doesn't work at my company and it is a completely random thing. The attractiveness of Person X_X bothers me into Friday night and beyond.

When I wake up on Saturday there are many sore bodyparts from the last couple of workouts. Nonetheless I get on the road bicycle and have a decent 40 mile ride. For many miles down the San Gabriel river trail there is a group of cyclists on the horizon and I can't quite close the gap to them. But a good ride. After a shower I lay down for a few minutes to cool off and every bodypart is sore, so I take some Aleve and continue my day. I have a very slow day and watch the Los ANgeles Kings' playoff game, but really do not much of anything because everything hurts, it is very hot today, and I seem to be dehydrated.

I've warned various riding partners that I'll just ride short near the ocean on Sunday. Thus I get out on the mountain bicycle and ride along the ocean and to the old yacht club. On the way home I run into Terry and he rides with me for a while as I put in an extension. And then I turn for home and he continues on his intended ride. I clean the spray the roses for insects and then run an errand or two. The afternoon is taken with a great MotoGP race from Spain and some relaxation. As the afternoon cools down I go out for a walk to keep the blood pumping and then prepare for a Monday at work.

It's a mixture of blah and productive times at work. I see myself looking forward to one of our three day weekends, but I also put my head down and plow through some work to (almost) finish off some tasks. A final review and documentation of these tasks is all that remains. The workouts are NOT blah as I have two great workouts with the weights that leave me physically hungover the next day and some good walks in between.

On Wednesday night I discover a small lump where there probably shouldn't be one. I try not to think about it but my mind wanders. I rationalize that it is just due to some irritation that may have occurred. At least I hope that is it. On Thursday morning I have a slight fever and the lump is a bit larger and I'm getting worried. I try not to think about it at work but my mind keeps coming back to it. I still lift heavy on Thursday night but try to think about the appropriate amount of time to keep a vigilant eye on it before going to see the doctor.

I was intending a long ride on Friday morning, but I wake up almost unconscious and it takes me time to get moving. I have no fever this morning and the lump possibly went down in size. So I water the impatiens, check some websites, and then go out on the mountain bicycle along the ocean. When I return home I get a quick shower and get passport photos, gt a haircut, get to the main library for more books, and do some grocery shopping. After relaxing a bit I edge and mow the lawn and wax the Yamaha YZF-r1 (that I washed on Thursday night). For the rest of the day I spent a fair amount of time watching ice hockey and reading.

On Saturday I ride north on the Los Angeles river trail and meet up with Person P_C at the Whittier Narrows dam. We go south until Person P_C wants to turn around because he is still rehabilitating his knee. I turn and go with him and end up at the dam again this morning. Finally Person P_C and I part ways and I ride on home. Just as I've left the dam a rider goes past me and rides off into the distance. I just keep up a reasonable pace against a pretty good headwind and though it takes 10 miles, eventually I catch back up to this rider and get alongside and start a conversation with him to let him know that I'm there. You run into riders who blow past you and then later burn out and you eventually pass them as if they're standing still. After a shower I watch qualifying for the Spanish F1 race and Person Ti_Ca go to the used sporting goods store where my ice hockey equipment has finalyl sold. Because it took so long we have a store credit and Person Ti_Ca wants a tennis racker and we get some tennis balls and I get an LED light for the mountain bicycle. I guess I'm going to have to pull out my 30 year old tennis racket and bang the ball around with Person Ti_Ca a few times. Early in the afternoon Person Ti_Ca and I do homework and then I do some more reading and watching ice hockey playoff games.

On Sunday I get out riding the mountain bicycle. The legs are tired to start, but they get going. However, the entire organism is pretty tired. Nonetheless I crank along quite nicely and get to the end of the ocean trail and add a bit on for a good ride. After a shower I watch the Spanish F1 race and relax around the house. Today I am very tired. I do notice that the lump that I discovered seems to have gone down in size and I'm hopinh that it is just a local irritation from something and will disappear soon.

I get to work a bit late on Monday and discover that, as I was cleaning out disk space on our servers last Thursday, I deleted the contents of one directory. It's gone! I leave a voicemail with an IT guy, but I know these servers are not backed up. Thus I spend almost all day on Monday re-creating efforts from the past. Fortunately I discover that other directories are still intact and most models are intact, but it is a lot of work anyway. By the end of Monday I have pretty much re-created weeks of previous work (because it's easier to re-create stuff once you've got it working than it is to initially create it and tweak it and experiment with it ntil it works). When I get home I relax for a bit and let the temperature drop before getting in a good workout for the abdominals and lower back and doing some maintenance on the garage door.