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Monday, Febraury 25, 2012 10:00 PM

Ending February

On Tuesday night I go to sleep feeling fine. At some point I wake up a cough a bit, but then I'm back to sleep. But later I wake up with a high fever and shivers that I cannot control. I keep trying to bundle up with more clothes and blankets and even a hat, but I just keep shivering uncontrollably away. As the alarm is about to go off I turn it off and see that I have a 2.5 degree fever. And I sleep until 7:30 am. I consider whether to go to work or not and I finally drag myself out of bed and head for work. As the day wears on I feel better and better and after a Valentine's day shopping stop on the way home I get in a heavy session with the weights and mt temperature is back to my normal. I remember a similar 24 hour thing (more like 12 hour thing) happening to me a few years ago where I shivered uncontrollably and maybe thought I was having a series of seizures. But all is well by Wednesday night.

On Valentine's Day Thursday I make good progress at work on tasks in the morning and than I start running out of steam. I turn my attention to writing reports that are long past due. At 4 pm I leave work. Person Ti_Ca and I don't want to deal with crowds today, so we drive to 2nd Street in Long Beach and go to a Greek restaurant. They have a special Valentine's Day menu that is somewhat expensive and limited in scope, so we get up from the table and promise the waiter, Francisco, that we will return when they have the full menu available. We eat at a Mediterranean restaurant and the food id very good. Person Ti_Ca says to me a few times, "That guy at the next table called you a nut for not bringing a jacket for the cold weather", but I just tell him that his opinion doesn't really matter in the scope of life.

On Friday I get up an hour later I'm leaving on the road bicycle to meet up with Derrick on the Los Angeles river trail. We both agree that we like these Friday rides because there so few runners and skaters to get in the way. We ride down to the pier and I know that I'm starting to run out of steam again (maybe from the high fever from a few days ago) but I carry on and really lose energy as we're fighting a headwind going north. But I make it to my exit, wish Derrick well, and ride on home. I rest for a few minutes and then pull out the lawn mower and trimmer to take care of yardwork. After a shower I have a light lunch of potatoes and vegetables and then start running my errands. Person Ti_Ca is feeling the effects of a flu or something so he stays home and rests. But I get gasoline for the car, get the car washed, go shopping at Target, go to the bicycle store for more electrolytes, go to the ATM, and then finally to the grocery store for supplies. When I get home and unload the car I get down on my hands and knees and start waxing the gold wheels on the World Rally Car and then put some wax on the rear part of the car. Now I'm really spent, so I put the car away and catch up on finances late on Friday afternoon. And wait word from Ruby and Joseph who are pitching to investors at Pepperdine in Malibu. Later in the evening I walk over to a coffeehouse and have a strawberry smoothie with Oliver.

On Saturday I wait for the morningt o warm up before getting out for a ride on the mountain bicycle to the pier and back. My legs are still sore from Friday's ride but I just work through it and enjoy the ride. After a shower I go pick up Person J_T in Carson and we grab a Jamba Juice. We spend more than an hour talking and then we are both hungry so we go grab something between lunch and dinner. I drop Person J_T off at his home and then return home to relax for the evening. Their are sounds of a possible clubbing night out, but they don't quite come to fruition.

Since I don't sleep well on Saturday night and my legs are still a bit sore, I text Derrick and say that he's on his own for Sunday's ride. I eventually get out for the loop ride and for the last half of the ride I crank away quite nicely - much nicer than I should considering how tired my legs felt at the start of the ride. On Sunday afternoon and into evening I relax and perform some errands around the house and do some programming.

Monday and Tuesday are semi-productive days at work. Though I don't make much overall global progress, I make a lot of progress on details and loose ends that have to be closed up before we run full system simulations. We have a presentation on Wednesday and we want to be almost 100% ready to push the button on full system simulations near the conclusion of that meeting when we get buy-in from concerned parties. On both days I have great workouts with the weights - Monday very heavy for the upper body and on Tuesday for the abdominals, lower back, and core muscles.

On Wednesday we present some work to our customer and he/she are happy with the results. On Thursday and Friday at work I continue to work on the details of the models and simulations. It seems that everytime we get closer to being ready to run the simulation and start generating useful results, we find more little details that are inconsistent and prevent us from going. We still can generate some intermediate results and some people are surprised at the results that we are getting (since they tried in the past with a lot of effort and time and couldn't get realistic results). I get in great heavy workouts with the weights on Wednesday and Friday. Except for the right shoulder, which has bothered me for years, I don't have any joint pain or soreness now so I look forward to increased weight next week. On Thursday after work I go for an hour long walk and then later, as Person Ti_Ca goes out to dinner with friends, I have him drop me off at a coffeehouse where I read and surf the Internet before I get bored and walk back home.

I note on Thursday and more so on Friday that I have a breakout again on the roof of my mouth. The dentist and I have been chasing these breakouts for a longtime where there is tenderness on the roof of the mouth near the gumline, some distinct dicoloration, and pain and tenderness on the cheek and jawline. I try to stay away from harder foods during these breakouts and just ride them out since we can't quite pin down what is causing them (though we are both pretty convinced it is a trauma of some sort - for instance, eating sharp-edged chips or the like that poke the roof of the mouth and cause a trauma).

I have a bit of trouble sleeping on Friday night but I get up at a reasonable hour, wait for a bit for some morning warmth, and then get out on the road bicycle for about 50 miles. It's a good ride and I only faced a short difficult period that I had to work through. When I get home I fertilize the front yard and clean up the roses and finally get in a warm, soapy shower to relax. I run a few errands and than wait for Ruby and Joseph to come over (since I received an email late last night "We must meet to get things together or else we are dead" and followed with a text message saying "We're coming over to your house at 2pm".) Ruby and Joseph come over and we have an almost three hour meeting and I have some actions to move forward. When Ruby and Joseph leave Person Ti_Ca try to eat dinner at Red Lobster, but there is a one hour wait, so we walk over to Marie Calendar's and have a healthy low calorie dinner (with food left over for future lunches or dinners). When I return I hem and haw and finalyl decide to go to sleep early rather than go out clubbing - I'll aim for next week.

I sleep in on Sunday until 6:30 am and prepare things before heading out on the orad bicycle. I meet up with Derrick and he's been sick so we have a good, but slower than usual, ride. It totals almost 50 miles again. When we've stopped at the Long Beach pier for hydration there's a rider that I know and I yell his name out. He looks over and doesn't quite recognize me but as he gets closer he remembers me. "I don't remember your name but I know you helped me up when I fell once". So we have a little chat before he and his brother ride off and Derrick and I return towards our respective homes. The afternoon is spent with Person Ti_Ca doing homework and then we relax further with a movie. Person Ti_Ca leaves to watch the Oscars with friends and I relax at home and do some web programming. I watch a few minutes of the Oscars and find them stupid and boring, so I turn them off and relax.

On Monday I have a reasonable day at work continuing to work on details of the simulation. When I get home I have a heavy session with the weights, though I did not increase the weights as I expected that I might. Maybe on Wednesday.