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Monday, September 20, 2010 10:00 PM

Ready for Fall

It's a reasonable work week as I try to stay productive and not get too upset when I hear the most insane and stupid rumors of what various customer consultants want us to do. These are things that add very little value and will cost everyone a lot of money. I have a great set of workouts throughout the week as I've split the workout into consecutive days of push then pull muscles. So Tuesday through Friday hits the push muscle group twice with heavy weights and hits the pull muscle group twice with heavy weights. Late on Thursday Person Ch_C pays a surprise visit and we have a short visit before I need sleep. On Friday night I'm tired from the four heavy workouts in four days and look forward to sleep.

Saturday starts with a call to my friend Tree in Thailand. Though he has been sick recently, he and his family are struggling along now. Qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix is next and it's an interesting and curious session as people lose or gain speed from prior sessions and can't explain why. The extended aquarium ride is a good one though I have to slow quite a bit for fencing put up for the boat show. Saturday afternoon is spent relaxing and watching a 9/11 special. I remember working the 6am until 6pm shift during thermal vacuum testing on that day and was never able to absorb the entire event. I take an actifed and head for a very deep (and long) sleep.

On Sunday I sleep until 7:30 am - very late for me. But I needed it. The Italian Grand Prix is exciting as the first three finishers are never separated by more than 2 seconds for the entire race. I get out for the extended aquarium ride and I crank along nicely today - I expected to be slow. After a shower I watch the Detroit Lions football game. (I'm only able to see it because DirecTV is giving a free "teaser" weekend of free coverage of all of the games.) In the end the Lions are robbed of the winning touchdown when a ridiculous ruling prevails. Afterwards I relax and catch up on some reading. And later go do many more leg lifts and situps and abdominal work on a slanted board. And head for sleep.

The Monday through Thursday work week is a blur. I have a fairly productive week at work as I catch up on things and contribute to help various people solve their problems. On Wednesday a co-worker and I go to a Pakistani restaurant to help him celebrate the close of Ramadan the previous week. I tell my friend, "This is the food that I cook at home - a big mix of vegetables in a spicy red sauce". It is good food and we enjot the lunch. Each day after work is characterized by monster workouts with heavy weights. I'm pushing big weights around now and feel strong and great. And, because the weights are so heavy, my sleep each night is very deep. Person Ch_C interupts my sleep on Tuesday night and we have a nice but short visit until I need to return to sleep and he needs to go home. On Thursday night Person Ch_C surprises me with another visit.

On Friday morning I get up a bit late, grab a quick breakfast, and head for a clinic for a free blood test. As you can expect, the clientele waiting for a free blood test are a bit different than one would come across at oter facilities. But it surprises me a bit when I see one client pull out rolling papers and his stash and rolls a marijuana joint and goes outside to smoke it. (Maybe he has a prescription for medical marijuana.) After the test and partial results I do some shopping, grab lunch, and check out four books from the library. I lay on the couch and start in on one of the books and end up taking a 90 minute nap (which I needed). After I regain consciousness I workout the abdominals and lower back, mow the lawn, clean and water the roses, take a refreshing shower, and lay on the couch for more reading. It's another cool day and life is good!

Saturday starts with qualifying (via the Internet) for the MotoGP and Moto2 races in Aragon, Spain. Things do not go according to my desires and Sunday's races will be tough for my favorite riders. Since the morning is very foggy I wait until 10 am to go ride. I start out on the extended aquarium ride and hook up with a half Fillipino, half Chinese cyclist who actually lives near my house and he rides beyond the extended aquarium ride so I go with him past the pier and then we turn around. We have a great conversation about cycling, health, F1 racing, the Vuelta, and other things until we both get off at Del Amo. He puts his bike in his truck and heads off as I continue home. During the afternoon I do a lot of reading, small errands around the house, and relaxing.

Person Ch_C picks me up to meet up with friends for dinner. We try a new Japanese restaurant and it is okay. Afterwards we head over to Dairy Queen (When was the last time I was in a Dairy Queen?) for sweets. Person Ch_C then heads for home as I grab a quick shower and head to West Hollywood to meet up with Person T_U. I stop off at one club and hang out before meeting Person T_U out front of the targeted club. I get introduced to a friend of a friend, Person R_Ma, and we have a nice conversation at various moments throughout the evening. I also meet a man from El Salvador, Person J_ES, and he is surprised when I tell him that I've visited El Salvador, why I visited, and all of the places within the small country that I've been. Person J_ES's friends keep wanting to grab my arms because the heavy lifting has made them a bit larger than usual and I just let them have their innocent fun. At 2:20 am on Sunday morning it is time to leave and so I bid Person R_Ma farewell, give him my email address to stay in contact, and then rush for home. (Person T_U having left about 30 minutes earlier.) After reading in bed for a few minutes the lights go out for sleep at 3:15 am.

Sunday starts just afert 6 am with the MotoGP race from Aragon, Spain which really doesn't go my way at all. Here's another foggy morning, so I'm waiting out the fog for a bicycle ride. The ride is a good one and I crank along quite nicely on 2.5 hours of sleep. When I finish I run into the neighbor, and after we each take showers (separately), I go over to her house to help her out with more computer learning. Later the Moto2 race is fun even if disappointing in terms of my favorites' results. For the rest of the afternoon and evening I do errands around the house, get ready for a week of work, fight off some leg cramps, and do more reading. I got 4 books from the library on Friday and one is already finished.

Monday is a productive day at work and then I lift very heavy again for the push muscles on Monday night.