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Monday, July 12, 2010 10:00 PM

July 4th Weekend

Another blurry week! As the week progresses I get more and more productive as we reach the 4 day 4th of July weekend and the new business opportunity. The workouts that I have are also productive. Though I was supposed to bicycle commute on Wednesday and didn't because I had trouble sleeping on Tuesday night, I have heavy sessions with the weights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Late on Thursday I realize that the Achilles tendon is almost fully healed and I can start walking again after the weights workouts.

Friday starts with attempts to call my friend Tree in thailand, but he is still working based upon quick conversations in Thai and English with his mother and brother. I start out on the road bicycle for a long ride and keep feeling better and better. So I just keep cranking along and end up stopping at the 40 mile mark. As I'm exiting the San Gabriel river trail I tell the two riders behind me that have latched on to me for a tow that I am leaving the trail to go home. The one responds with, "Oh no! You've just pulled us through half of our workout." And I just say "Have a fun ride" as I climb the hill to return to Del Amo boulevard. After a shower I pick up a package at the post office, get my haircut, and do some grocery shopping. I'm worn out from the ride and low on blood sugar but I manage to chase down a copy of available on the DVD and realize that this is the first time that I've ever watched the extras on a rented DVD. After I relax a bit I get out and mow, trim, edge, and fertilize the lawn. Now I'm tired, so I take a quick shower to cool off. Except that today is one of the first Friday days (The first Friday of the month where the commercial area near my house encourages people to shop, eat, and listen to the street musicians and patronize the local business.) so I jump on the mountain bicycle and slowly cruise up and down the streets to check out the festivities. There is a lot of foot traffic - which is exactly what first Fridays is supposed to encourage. It's getting dark, so I cruise on home on the bicycle. Since I'm tired and have had trouble sleeping for a while, I take some kava root extract and head off for some deep sleep.

On Saturday morning I try again to call my friend Tree in Thailand but today I cannot get a line via the calling card that I use. Near 9 am I go out cycling on the extended aquarium ride. The day is very grey with morning low clouds. This contrasts sharply with last year's July 4th weekend which approached 100F degrees. I don't really accomplish much in the afternoon accept some reading and relaxing.

Late on Saturday I get in a good session with the weights, take a shower, and head for clubs in West Hollywood. All of my friends wimp out on me so I'm on my own. The first club is playing very good music and I should probably stay here, but I don't. I go to a second club and notice and mention to various people that I see who were at the first club that "The music was better at the first club". All of them are surprised that I recognize them, but the night moves on. I see offers being prepared and I avoid them by conitnually moving around the club. Finally at 2:15 am on Sunday morning I leave the club and run for home. The lights are going out for sleep at 3:30 am on Sunday morning.

Sunday the 4th of July looms gloomy. I get out for the extended aquarium ride and I am tired. After three consecutive daays of cycling and three hours of sleep, I am tired. I spend the rest of Sunday watching the MotoGP and Moto2 races (where one of my favorites wins the Moto2 race) and then I watch the Indy car race. It's a very slow day, as should be expected. As the fireworks shows and sounds start near 9 pm I am heading for bed to read and sleep. The lights go out for sleep after 9:30 when fire crackers and noises are going off but that doesn't keep me from sleeping on this night.

Monday looms gloomy. Whereas last year's July 4th weekend was very hot and involved running the air conditioner at home, this year's is downright chilly. On the morning loop road bicycle ride there is actually drizzle coming down and making the pavement wet and the braking distances long. On today's ride a guy catches up to me and says, "Didn't you used to live on XXXXX street?" When I answer yes I recognize the guy. He lived on my street many years ago with his wife and I would see them occasionally out cycling. So we ride together and try to cacth up on old times. I keep telling him (now single) "You should come back to th neighborhood - it's still great." And he wants to but he has to see what the market for his current house is. Other than the drizzle its a good ride and my legs are ready for a break after the four consectutive days of cycling.

At mid afternoon on Monday Person J_VKPI calls and soon I'm headed on the motorbike to Koreatown where he has moved to. We go hang out at a coffeehouse and catch up on old times. I haven't seen Person J_VKPI since about when his Mother died and I attended the funeral. After our visit and as I'm leaving Person J_VKPI's father-in-law comes out of the apartment and he remembers me from the funeral. So we have a quick discussion abotu various things before I head for home. I get a bit lost trying to find a freeway and end up riding through downtown Los Angeles as the sun has gone down. I enjoy the little detour but finally find a freeway that leads me on a high speed run back towards home.

The workweek goes by fast since its only three days. I try to stay productive at work and contribute to our new business effort where I can. Each night I get in a good workout after work and then enjoy the cool weather. We're still in the mid 70's in July whereas last year we were about 20 degrees warmer.

Friday starts with a call to my friend Tree in Thailand. Our conversation lags a bit today, but it's always good to talk with him. His job has not recovered from all of the red shirt protests and so his hours have been cut back and he's looking for a second job. Friday continues with a good 30 mile road bicycle ride around the loop with an extension. When I return home I jump right into mowing the lawn and edging along the street. Now I'm running out of steam since I haven't eaten yet today and so I have big bowls of homemade vegetable soup as I watch the news. In the afternoon I do a few little errands around the house, read, and watch some afternoon television. Later on Friday I actually chat with another Khmer friend in Phnom Penh who I rarely chat with - he and his family are doing well also.

Saturday starts with qualifying for the British Grand Prix where my favorite driver gets the pole for Sunday's race. Afterwards I get out for the extended aquarium ride and then I work on the roses. After a shower I enjoy the first mountain stage in the Tour de France and then relax before heading to the local dragster and hot rod expo on a closed off Atlantic avenue. The expo is kinda boring but I run into quite a few people that I know and I hang out for a while.

After the dragster and hotrod expo I workout with the heavy weights and then meet up with Person T_U at a club in West Hollywood. I've hit two clubs tonight and both have very good music - the second club having the better muisc on this night. As Person T_U and I are hanging out he says to me, "There are a lot of people who are looking at you and staring at you as if they want to meet you". I tell Person T_U, "I haven't noticed that. But if you see that happening then you should take the initiative and say to them 'Hey do you want to meet my friend?'" Regardless I've noticed people who want to make offers but I just ignore them and listen to the music - except for chit-chatting with many acquaintances who are present tonight. Finally I'm leaving the club near 2:30 to rush home and get the lights out for sleep at 3:30 am on Sunday morning.

Sunday starts with a partial extension on the aquarium ride, the Britsh Grand Prix (where my favorite driver loses his ole position at the start and gets a puncture and is trying to catch back up for the entire race), and a mountain stage in the Tour de France. It's a slow day.

Monday is a productive day at work where I put my head down and build models and run trade studies. When I can take it no longer I ride for home and get in a great workout with the weights. The day ends with some reading.