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Monday, June 28, 2010 10:00 PM

First Days of Summer

On Tuesday I'm supposed to be at work at 5 am for a teleconference with the east coast but I don't make it there until 6. I wasn't needed until after 6 anyway, so it isn't a problem. I'm blah at work also as I listen in on the teleconference throughtout the entire day. For a while I put my feel up on the desk with an ice pack on my right Achilles tendon which still bothers me. I'm almost out of anti-inflammatory and may have to go see a doctor in person about this problem. After work I work the abdominals and lower back and clean up some more tree branches before working on some geospatial programming.

The week drags on at work. I get in a good session with the weights on Wednesday, an aquarium ride on Thursday after work, and another good workout with the weights on Friday. On Thursday I actually watch game 7 of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. It's a funny game becuse neither team can shoot or score tonight. I'm thinkng the final score might even end in the 60's. But some scoring takes place, the Lakers win, and the celebration riots in downtown Los Angeles start. But I'm completely bored. This is a game 7 of the finals and there should be extreme urgency and intensity - there isn't. I just don't get along with basketball at all. After Friday's workout I use the chainsaw to cut up the last of the fallen branches. I just take my time and cut some branches nearing a foot in diameter. I notice that the chainsaw works well with the sharpened chain and I take breaks occassionally to see of the electric chainsaw motor is overheating (which it isn't). I'm glad the week is over and I just sit back and relax on Friday evening as I look forward to the MotoGP and Moto2 races from Silverstone, England.

I finally get a good night's sleep on Friday night. Saturday starts with watering the grass and talking with people on the Internet in other countries as I wait for the morning to warm up a bit. I get out for a good road bicycle ride around the loop path. Afterwards I buy new brakes for the mountain bicycle and install them and I buy new handlebar tape for the road bicycle. But its a lazy day. I actually watch some of the United States Open gold championship at Pebble Beach and recognize the 18th green (of course) from seeing it on television many years ago and from eating brunch there once. (In another age!)

On Sunday I watch a processional MotoGP race from Silverstone, England. The races are not nearly as much fun with Valentino Rossi out with broken fibula and tibias. I get out for the extended aquarium ride (fairly early today) and enjoy the ride. And, like yesterday, I watch some of the United States Open as well as the exciting and breathtaking Moto2 race from Silverstone, England. By nightfall I don't know where the day has gone, but I'm tired and almost relaxed.

On Monday we have a panicky teleconference with a vendor before Wednesday and Thursday's big review. And the day slows up from there. I get in a great workout with the weights and spend a fair amount of time cleaning up the rose beds and organizing downed tree branches for a (hopefully) final cleanup in the next couple of weeks.

For the second week in a row I have difficulty sleeping on Monday night and Tuesday night. Thus instead of bicycle commuting to work on Tuesday I get in the aquarium ride after work. And on Wednesday I get in a (possibly) final workout with this set of weights and repetitions before increasing the weight. On Wednesday I am glad that the bosses did not allow me to travel to Phoenix for two day meetings because the attendees tell me that it is 110 degrees in Phoenix (as I listen in on the phone for the all day meeting).

Friday starts with Moto2 qualifying over the Internet and my favorite rider gets 2nd place - his best ever qualifying position. When they show his pit box and team members and team manager I say aloud "I have those shirts!" (Because I emailed the team manager 18 months ago and he sent me a team shirt and a team sweater for free!) When the morning warms up a bit I start out cycling on the road bicycle. There's a persistent wind through the first two legs of the loop ride and I get in a great workout. Afterwards I mow the lawn and work on cleaning up the fallen tree branches. One more week and the tree branches will be all gone. I take a relaxing shower and lay down for a bit. Person M_Fl comes to visit during his lunch break and we have a nice, but short, visit. Later in the afternoon I'm dropping off so I get in an hour nap - and afterwards it takes quite a bit of time to regain consciousness.

There's a late phone call with Person T_U on Friday night and pretty soon we are both headed up to West Hollywood to have some fun. This time I hit three clubs - and all are kind of boring. I want to stay at the very first club because the music is sounding very promising, but I hit the two other clubs and finally meet up with Person T_U at the third club. I've run into a number of acquaintances throughout the night, but otherwise it is kind of boring. I rush on home after closing and am turning the lights off for sleep before 3 am on Saturday morning.

Saturday starts with qualifying for the European Grand Prix from Valencia and my favorite driver manages to grab the pole for Sunday's race. After the qualifying I go for the extended aquarium ride and then try to maintain consciousness throughout the afternoon. Person S_Ca comes to visit and we individually take naps. While he naps I watch the Moto2 race from Assen (The Cathedral of Speed) and watch my favorite ride challenge strongly for 2nd place and then fall off and just miss third in the last lap. Nonetheless it is his best result ever and I'm enthused for next weekend's race. Eventually I am trying for sleep near midnight.

On Sunday I watch the European Grand Prix before cycling. My favorite driver wins from the pole and puts himself back into the World Championship chase. Today I am tired so I just put a short extension on the aquarium ride and call it a ride. Throughout the afternoon I do little errands and relax until late in the afternoon I get in a heavier workout with the weights. It feels good to be using the heavy weights again (with smaller repetitions, of course).

Monday is a productive day at work as we hear about new business possibly coming our way. We have to get ready to jump on this big opportunity. After work I get in a great workout with the weights and then relax.