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Monday, May 31, 2010 10:00 PM

Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday is national bicycle to work day, so I'm out the day in the morning darkness and riding to work. Since we've been having weird weather lately, it decides to rain. By the time I am at work I am pretty wet - not terribly wet and cold. Just moderately wet and little bit chilly. I have a good day at work and a good ride home in windy conditions.

On Wednesday I leave work early to go visit the dentist. When I get home Karl (visiting from Florida) has already made it to my house. We jump on bicycles and head up the Los Angeles river on a timed ride of about 70 minutes. After getting cleaned up we have dinner at a nice restaurant near my house that has re-opened under a new name and with new owners. It's a reasonable place to eat.

On Thursday I head to work as Karl has his own work and pleasure things to do. When I arrive home Karl has finished half of his things and we jump on bicycles again to go down and around the aquarium on the extended bicycle ride. After getting cleaned up we cook pasta and eat salad with a very wild (but old) 250cc motorbike race playing from a DVD.

On Friday I head to work for a hlal day as Karl wants the time to finish up his tasks. When I arrive home we decide to go eat lunch and get out on the bicycles later in the afternoon. Later in the afternoon we end up doing the entire loop ride with a very strong headwind against going down towards the ocean. It's a great workout! After getting cleaned up we go eat Japanese food and eventually head up to West Hollywood for fun.

Karl and I end up meeting up with Person T_U at the herd/clone club. We enjoy listening to the music, dancing, people watching, and hanging out. There are only a few acquaintances present since all of the invited people wimp out but I do introduce myself to Person B_Fl who has been a Facebook friend of mine for a long time but we have never actually met in person. Eventually the club closes, we hang out outside the club for a while to let traffic die down, and then we rush on home. I'm turning out the lights for sleep at 3:15 am on Saturday morning.

I'm up early on Saturday to check out MotoGP qualifying for the French MotoGP race and to clean up the roses. When Karl has regained consciousness we head out for a bicycle ride down to the Belmont pier and back. A quick lunch gets Karl out the door for his drive to the bay area to visit other friends. Why he did not fly I do not know. I get the world rally car cleaned up, do some grocery shopping, watch some of the ice hockey playoffs and Indianapolis 500 qualifying and then mow the lawn. As I'm mowing the back yard I see the tree limbs are starting to droop into my path and I'm thinking that I should trim them back.

Sunday starts with the French MotoGP race and I am not happy with the results. It's a good race, but I am not happy with the results. Today is very windy, so I lift weights with low weights and high repetitions instead of going cycling. (And I've cycled everyday since Tuesday anyway). After a shower and some errands I come home and notice that I huge branch of the tree in the backyard has fallen down in the wind. So much for trimming the tree back so that it is not in my path during mowing. I grab a tree saw and manage to get the fallen branches out of the path of future lawn mowing and now I face the task of months of cleanup of the fallen branches.

Monday is a good day as I make progress at work and then lift weights when I return home.

Karl returns on Tuesday. I've been at work since near 5 am for a teleconference with the east coast, so I leave work early so Karl and I can go for another good ride. It's a gusty wind again today but it's still a good ride. After getting cleaned up we head back to the Japanese restaurant because both of us are smitten with the waitress there. Later we watch the Moto2 race from France and finally head for sleep. Both Karl and I need to wake up near 5 am so he can catch his flight home and I can talk to the east coast again.

Karl and I both get out the door near 5:20 am on Wednesday. I have a semi-productive day at work and leave early to lift weights, trim the roses, cut up a few tree branches and relax. I work on some work stuff at night to be ready for a meeting with the boss on Thursday morning.

On Thursday I come home after work and have another good session with the weights. Right now the weights are light and the repetitions are high, so I can work out two days in a row without a risk of overstressing the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints. After the workout I turn on the basketball playoff game. The Lakers lead through the entire game until the Suns catch up with 3.5 seconds to go. The Lakers have the ball and score as time runs out to win the game. It seems like it should have been an exciting game. But it was the most broing thing on the planet. Well, mayb standing in line at the DMV or being on hold for customer service from Verizon is worse. I am not suited for basketball at all.

Friday starts with alternate heat and ice on the Achilles tendon and some cleaning up of the house. When the morning has warmed up I head out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride. I miss riding with Karl. A refrigerator repairman comes and adds some rubber to the compressor to stop a vibration and quiet the entire refrigerator down. He's here a total of 10 minutes but the noisey problem is solved. I don't know where Friday gets off to but soon I'm asleep.

Saturday starts with qualifying for the Grand Prix of Turkey and the extended aquarium ride. Afterwards Person S_Kh comes to visit and we get his car washed, go down to Cambodiatown to buy groceries, and then wax his car. After that we have Khmer food and just blank out watching silly television.

On Sunday I get up early to watch the Turkish Grand Prix and, when my favorite driver goes to make a pass for the lead and takes out his teammate, I'm crushed. Replays show it is his fault. At mid-day I lift weights and then mow the lawn. At mid afternoon I invite my neighbor over as I've agreed to give her my old computer and let her use my WiFi so that she can learn computers and decide if whe wants to buy her own or not. And when the lesson is done we move my old computer next door to her house to make sure that she can receive my WiFi signal. She's in business now!

Memorial day is a slow day. I get out for the loop ride and feel strong. And then there is nothing of significance to report for the remainder of the day.