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Monday, May 17, 2010 10:00 PM

Boulder and Beyond

On Tuesday I'm up at my normal time (just afer 5 am) to get to Los Angeles International airport. I run into a friend from another agency who is on my flight and going to Boulder to help with the test. When we get to Boulder we have an afternoon meeting and then we are released for the day.

Wednesday starts with a run along south Boulder creek. (I could not get my usual hotel near the wonderland running trails because of the university of Colorado commencement, but this hotel has trails near it too.) Except that halfway through the run I pull up lame with my right Achilles tendon preventing me from running. I end up walking home and limping around Boulder for the next few days.

Wednesday and Thursday are productive days at the laboratory. Each night a visitor and I go grab dinner and talk about all sorts of things because we haven't seen each other for more than a year or so.

Friday starts with snow on the cars! It's May and there is snow and a low temperature of about 32F. Fortunately the rental car agency has placed a snow scraper in the car and by the time I get to the work facility the streets are clear and the snow is well on its way to being gone. We have a productive day testing on Friday, grab an Indian lunch, and then (the visitors) head for the airport. The trip is smooth and I'm back at home near 10 pm.

Saturday starts with qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix. My favorite driver is beaten to the pole by his teammate by 0.1 second but they are well ahead of anyone else. Hopefully it is a good race on Sunday. I start down for the aquarium ride and then, after circling the aquarium and starting on the extension, instead head inland to the site of the because theya re really just setting up. When I get home I mow the lawn and trim the roses and carnations and grab a relaxing shower. Person S_Kh calls and we agree to meet later today. Person S_Kh and I go walking down by the ocean and than we rent a few DVDs to watch. Just comedy DVDs that provide a few laughs and that is about it.

Sunday starts with the Spanish Grand Prix. My favorite driver is set for second until a bad pit stop and then running out of brakes causes him to fall to fourth. Which becomes third when somebody else crashes in the last few laps. Person S_Kh and I watch one last DVD before he leaves and I go out cycling around the aquarium. The rest of the day is spent getting ready to go back to work on Monday and to fight with a contractor who is trying to do the wrong thing again.

By Monday I am hobbling around as my right Achilles tendon hurts to put any load on it. I manage to work the abdominals and lower back. But there is no walking afterwards. I have a nice discussion with Person K_J and we agree to hang out on Saturday sometime.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I take anti-inflammatory in the morning but the Achilles tendon still causes me to hobble around. I get in lightweight, high repetition workouts on both days after work and watch the ice hockey games. Ice makes the tendon feel great for a little while but then its hurting again a bit later.

Thursday is a bicycle commute day. I have to find a reasonable position on the bicycle to keep the Achilles tendon from hurting, but its a good set of rides. When I get to work I see the announcement that today is NOT National Bike to Work Day. Instead that is Tuesday. So I'll be bicycle commuting again on Tuesday.

On Friday I meet up with a co-worker in Fullerton and we help build a Habitat for Humanity house. We get to put up the plywood sheets of wood and nail it up to the framing that has already been in place. Its a warm day and none of us are used to the hard work, but its a rewarding day nonetheless. When I get home I take a nice cool shower and relax - icing the Achilles tendon and watching game 7 of the Bruins Flyers ice hockey game.

Saturday starts with qualifying for the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo. My favorite driver gets a disappointing third on the grid. Afterwards I get out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride, get cleaned up, and take two trains to emet Person K_J at Union Station near downtwon Los Angeles. Person K_J picks me up, we have lunch, and then we find a coffeehouse so that I can read and help him with his mathematics and English (for his upcoming GRE exam). I get a fair amount of reading done off my pile in between talking with Person K_J and helping him with his studying. Eventually I head for home via two more trains and I walk in the door of my house a bit before 9 pm.

Sunday starts with the Grand Prix of Monaco. My favorite driver muscles his way into second at the start of the race and that's the best he can do. Since it is overcast and almost drizzly, I mow and edge the lawn as I wait for the sun to come out. By 11 am the sun has not made an appearance so I start off and have fun during the exended aquarium bicycle ride. After a shower I watch some of the ice hockey game and relax a bit.

Monday is a semi-productive day at work and is followed by a high repetition, lightweight workout with the weights.