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Monday, March 8, 2010 10:00 PM

Almost springtime

On Tuesday I leave work a bit early intending to do intervals on the inline skates again. But at the last minute I decide to go run instead. I do a run/walk for almost an hour. Just an hour after finishing my legs are starting to hurt and I know I'm going to be hobbling around for a while.

On Wednesday I limp around work for a non-productive day. Afterwards I get in the same slightly reduced weight workout with good form. And then watch more of the Olympics.

The workday on Thursday is a long one. We have potential customers present and they want to talk with many of us. I only have a few charts to present but I do a reasonable job. They day ends up being a 6am until 6pm day at work. When I get home I am fried so I just watch some of the Olympics and head for bed.

I've set the alarm for an hour later, so I don't get to work until well after 7 am on Friday. I try to stay productive, attend a number of meetings, and then head for home for a good workout with the weights and then I mow the lawn.

Saturday is a blah day since it rains on and off most of the day. I manage to clean up some paperwork at home, work the abdominas and lower back (twice each during the day), and get out for a mid-day walk. But the day is a blah!

Sunday starts with the extended aquarium bicycle ride early in the morning. The ride starts a bit chilly, but I wanted to get down near the ocean somewhat early and see if there are any after-effects from the tsunami. (There was a tsunami warning for Long Beach following the 8.8 earthquake in Chile.) Near noon I drive up towards Hollywood to visit with Person K_J. Person K_J grab a quick lunch, spend a few hours walking around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and then we go have Indian food for dinner. (I try to sign a credit card slip at the Indian restaurant and they have to bring me four different pens before we find one that works.) It's a nice visit with Person K_J and we make plans to hang out next weekend sometime. Afterwards I rush on home and rush through the ice hockey Olympic gold medal game. I'm excited to see the USA tie the game with less than a minute to play and send the game into overtime. But I'm disappointed when Canada wins. It was an intense game nontheless.

On Monday and Tuesday I split my workout between the push muscle group and the pull muscle group. This way I can devote a bit more time and energy to each muscle group. I'm expecting to be sore after these two workouts.

Friday is a productive off day from work. It starts early in the morning with a long phonecall with my friend Tree in Thailand. Afterwards I mow, trim, and edge the lawn. I run a few errands to the library, to get my haircut, and to pick up garden supplies and groceries before heading out for a bicycle ride. Today's afternoon extended aquarium ride has a strong headwind all the way down to the aquarium and presents a good workout opportunity. Needless to say I crank along very rapidly on the way home. I drop down some fertilizer on the yard and trim the roses before I relax for the rest of the day - alternating between the books from the library and some television.

There's a good threat of rain on Saturday so I walk for 40 minutes early in the morning. The rain starts just after 9 am and comes down very hard for a while - though nothing like the major league rainstorms that I felt in Siem Reap or Battambang, Cambodia. I stay inside and do paperwork during the rain and threat of rain. Late in the afternoon I walk to Subway to bring dinner home and then I have a great workout with heavy weights. Since I started on a strong anti-inflammatory in the morning, there is very little pain when lifting. It's amazing how much easier most of the lifts are when I don't have the shoulder pain bothering me.

On Saturday night I head for reading and sleep early. Near 3 am I wake up from the standard nightmare - I'm trapped somewhere and cannot get out. In this instance I've got my hand/arm trapped in something and cannot get out. I continue to wonder what all of this means.

Sunday starts with a walk to the grocery store as the morning is very cold and still a bit damp. A bit later I get out for a cold and windy bicycle ride where most of the gates to the Los Angeles river are closed due to the previous day's rain. But I get in a good ride. In the middle of the afternoon Person K_J comes to visit and we head for a coffeehouse in Long Beach to hang out and read. Person K_J is studying for an exam and so I help with the math and some English problems. I manage to get in some reading About cold war spy games before we head for dinner. The Academy Awards are on the television at the restairant but neither Person K_J nor I care - neither of us have seen any of the movies anyway. Later we hang out at home for a while before Person K_J heads for home near 11 pm.

Monday is a blah day. I work away on some problems at work and then go home to work the abdominals and lower back. Throughout the day I do not feel good about myself and just hope to make it through the day and get some good sleep.