Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, December 6, 2004 8:00 AM

A Slow Week

The first week in December is a slow week.

On Tuesday I take the car in for a tuneup and skate back home. Then I get out for a walk as I mail off a package and pick up some supplies at the grocery store. Later I lift the last bit of carpet from a bedroom (and the tacks and nails that go with it).

On Thursday I strap on the inline skates and skate on over to the car dealer to pick up the car (after the tuneup). As I'm skating towards the dealership on a sidestreet, I hear a lady yelling, "See - you can rollerlbade in the street. That guy going past the house right now is rollerblading in the street". I can only assume that this lady is saying this to her son or daughter in order to get them out of the house (for some temporary peace and quiet).

On Friday I come home early to help the painters finish up and to meet the heating/air conditioning people. Person C_T comes over early and we hang out until it is time to go to the Long Beach IceDogs ice hockey game. We pick up Person S_J at the KrispyKreme (because he lives nearby) and meet his friends at the game. Person S_J's friends have never been to an ice hockey game, but enjoy the game. I spend some time explaining the game to everyone involved as the IceDogs lead the entire game until the Bakersfield Condors tie them with 12 seconds left to play. The game goes past overtime, past a regular shootout, and into a sudden death shootout as the Condors steal this game from the IceDogs. We drop Person S_J off near the KrispyKreme and head for home.

On Saturday I'm up early to go for a walk. Person C_T and I have blueberry pancakes for breakfast (due to the cooking skills of Person C_T). Later we head out shopping for home improvement ideas and color/tile matching. I get in an afternoon session with the weights as Person C_T plants the new plants. We have a spaghetti and spinach dinner as we wait for Person J_VKPI to call to go out. There is a call from Brandon and from Person T_U, but no call from Person J_VKPI. So we veg out in front of the television and get to sleep early.

I'm up to do the laundry on Sunday morning before the painter returns to collect his fees. I'm happy with the new paint job and color scheme - the color scheme 90% the idea of Person C_T. Peson C_T heads for home early since I have Northrop Grumman documents being sent home for me to review in preparation for a Sunday afternoon telecon. The Sunday afternoon telecon does not happen because we cannot get a telecon number, but I get in a good session with the weights and take a quiet, rainy day to myself (and to my Northrop Grumman documents). Late on Sunday I go walking in the rain as I need to get some additional exercise (besides the session with the weights).