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Monday, November 29, 2004 8:00 AM

Thanksgiving Weekend

I start out Thanksgiving with a good bicycle ride along the Los Angeles river and buying the newspaper (to see what is on sale on Friday). The bicycle ride is great as the Los Angeles river is alive with life after the previous weekend's thunderstorm. The river is alive, the grass is green, the air is crisp and cool, and the smell of life is present. Nopey's spirit writes the next paragraph.

in the house that you always thought were me. They were me. But I didn't want you to think that I had left suddenly, so I kept the noises coming for a while after I actually left. But you probably won't hear them anymore.
The river is alive this weekend with my DNA, my substance. Though I will not be a dog again, I will be present in millions and billions and trillions of life form spurred on by the Los Angeles river and my ashes that you spread along the river.
By the way, my hips are great now! I can run and jump and play and everything that I could do when I was younger. Your Mom and Dad are here too. Dad really likes to play with me a lot. Mom is kinda scared of me because I'm a big dog, but sh'es getting used to me. There's a guy here, Ron, a really cute and fun guy, who just loves me and loves to play with me. He says that he and you went out a long, long time ago before he became HIV+ and died. So we both assume your presence in the other.
I probably won't write anymore. But you should know that we are all waiting for you. But you shouldn't hurry it up. There are plenty of things that you still need to do back home and plenty of fun to be had.

I have plenty of spaghetti for Thanksgiving brunch as I watch my Detroit Lions get drilled by the Colts. Person C_T's mother has to work at 3pm, so they had Thanksgiving dinner early also. And later Person C_T and I have an evening snack and watch "The Stepford Wives". It is a waste of time watching it, but we get through it and call it a day.

On Friday Person C_T and I get up late and do a lot of shopping. In addition I get out for another bright, sunny bicycle ride and get the car washed. Late in the afternoon, after we've bought a small Christmas tree and decorations, Person C_T decorates the tree and hangs plate in the dining room as I pull up carpet, tacks, and nails. This is the first Christmas tree that I have ever had in this house after being here for more than 17 years. Late in the evening Person C_T makes cornbread and we have more Thanksgiving leftovers.

On Saturday, when Person C_T and I finally get out of bed, we have a brunch of cornbread, cheese, and diet Coke. I attend to the laundry as Person C_T heads for home. Afterwards I get a good coat of wax on the car and on the gold rims just as some rain starts to fall. Luckily I manage to get the car in the garage and avoid the car getting wet. Late in the afternoon I go for an hour long walk to the ATM machine and around the neighborhood. Midway through the walk the caffeine and water tell me that I need to find a bathroom, so I stop in at the public bathroom in a neighboring park. As I approach the bathroom I hear the hand dryer going and think that it's kinda odd seeing that it is raining and there is nobody playing tennis, basketball, frisbee games, or other games in the park. I walk into the bathroom and see a (assumed) homeless man with no clothes on drying his underwear with the hand dryer. I ignore him as I use the bathroom and don't even wash my hands or use the hand dryer on the way out as I don't want to delay this man getting dry underwear on.

Phone calls on Saturday night from Person M_C, Person J_VKPI, Person T_U, and Person C_T round out the Saturday night. I don't go out this evening because it is wet and I don't want to ruin the wash/wax of the car.

On Sunday I get out for a long morning walk and pick up the newspaper. After reading the newspaper, I get the painter started on prepping the house for paitning and I head off the Northrop Grumman to get a head start on the week. And to answer email for the week that I have been away from work. After working for a while, I return home to read the newspaper, grab lunch, watch a few minutes of football, and get out for another good bicycle ride around the aquarium. It's chilly and windy during today's bicycle ride, but it's clear and you can see the tall building of downtown Los Angeles as well as the mountains north and east of dowtown.

After relaxing for a while I head off to a ResourceScout meeting. We decide a course of action for Tuesday's meeting with the statewide adoptions coordinator.