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Monday, November 15, 2004 8:00 AM

The November Pattern

I continue the higher repetition, lighter weight lifting during the week in order to give my joints time to recuperate. I'll probably stick with this for three weeks before going heavy again.

On Tuesday I take the day off work to walk, lift weights, ride up to Beverly Hills for a ResourceScout meeting, and return home to meet the garage door installer and the furnace people. I'm not home until about 12:30 pm at which time the furnace man has already shown up, called, and left. Since when do contractors ever show up on time? The garage door installer shows up a bit later and works throughout the afternoon to remove the old door and put the new one in. He only needs help a couple of time when removing the old, wood (i.e., ridiculously heavy) door. The ResourceScout meeting is fruitfull as we get our first contract and some good contacts with the state of Colorado (who are very enthusiastic about out products). The day starts drawing to a close with Person C_T visiting as we celebrate, a day early, our four month anniversary.

On Thursday I drive down to Anaheim to meet up with Person C_T and his friends. We spend all of the time in the hotel lobby where his friends are staying as we make fun of the "in lobby entertainment", talk about travels and life, and have a lot of fun. AFterwards Person C_T, Person R_P (Person C_T's longtime friend), and I go back to Person R_P's hotel room and talk privately about things. Person R_P shares with me some of the nice yet embarassing things that Person C_T has shared with Person R_P. But I have to leave and I arrive home right near midnight - bypassing the Beach Blvd exit of the 22 freeway that would have dropped me off right next to the Frat House.

On Friday night many many friends of Person C_T and Person R_P meet at my house before we go have dinner. I have to apologize to everyone that my house is in chaos because of remodeling efforts as well as not having anyplace to sit because I've been giving away furniture. These are nice people and they understand. We have a nice dinner a few days early for Person R_P's Sunday birthday. The conversations are very diverse and deep during dinner. And all of us tease each other and enjoy ourselves. After dinner Person C_T drives Person R_P home (as I ride along). Person C_T and I are finally laying down for sleep after midnight on Friday night.

On Saturday I get up and walk and lift weights before Person C_T gets up. It's still early, so Person C_T and I trim all of the bushes in the front of the house and clean up the yard. Afterwards I get out for the aquarium ride. Today's ride is eventful as many many motorcycles are lining a street that parallels the Los Angeles river. It is the annual Muscular Dystrophy Ride fundraiser and all of the motorcyclists have gathered near a Long Beach modification shop after the ride. When I return from the aquarium ride Person C_T has rearranged some living room accesories and tables as well as tidied things up a bit. After the ride Person C_T and I have a healthy dinner and relax.

Just after 9pm Person C_T and I are headed towards West Hollywood with an intermediate stop to pick up Person J_VKPI. Person C_T and Person J_VKPI are introduced and appear to hit it off well. We get to the club, get a table, and start conversing and listening to music as friends and acquaintances come by. Person T_U visits for a while. He considering going back to Thailand with a friend in February. Maybe I should go too. Because the music is nothing special tonight, the three of us leave early - right near 1:15 am on Sunday morning. Person C_T and I are finally laying down for bed near 2:30 am on Sunday morning.

On Sunday I'm up a bit late for me) to buy groceries and get the newspaper. Person C_T scrubs a bathroom sink as he wants to get rid of the lime buildup. I ask, "Why spend time scrubbing it now if it's going to be replaced shortly during the remodel?" But Person C_T is on a mission and the sink is beautifully clean when he is finished. Person C_T and I watch the end of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that I fell asleep during on the other night. Later I get out for an uneventfull bicycle ride around the aquarium. In the middle of the afternoon Person C_T is leaving as I work on websites, some Northrop Grumman work, and reading the newspaper.

On Sunday as I'm preparing for another workweek at Northrop Grumman, Person S_J calls. Person S_J is the helicopter student. He says that he has finished his ground school and his flight lessons and that he can give friends rides as well as to fly with his instructor more to polish his flying techniques. I hem and haw a bit and seeing that my work travel schedule is up int he air, delay the possibility of going for a helicopter ride (so that Person S_J can get more polished). But we also talk about seeing an IceDogs ice hockey game on Friday (if I'm in town). This would be a good introduction to ice hockey for Person S_J and Person C_T (who was ill the last time that we intended to go).