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Sunday, November 8, 2004 8:00 AM

November Starts

It is a slow week. But on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have very good sessions with the weights. These are the heaviest weights that I've lifted for the specific lifts ever. I can't recall the heaviest that I may have lifted a while ago.

Unfortunately the lifting and some stress give me a warning so on Thursday and Friday I don't lift. Instead I walk in the morning before work and walk longer in the afternoon after work. On Friday I leave work early to do the laundry, mow the lawn, trim and feed the roses, and go for a long walk. The rest of the evening is quiet because Person C_T is also feeling under the weather.

On Saturday morning I get out for a good walk, work on the abdominals and lower back with the weights, prime and paint the attic frame, and get out for a good aquairum bicycle ride near mid-day. Later I head over to CompUSA and Borders to browse around before Person C_T visits. At Borders I strike up a conversation with a guy who has one of those electronic translators (from English to Japanese and back) and is struggling with it. We end up talking for about 30 minutes not because I am interested in him - no, I am happy with Person C_T. We talk for 30 minutes because we share travel experiences in the USA and in Japan. When it is time for me to go to meet up with Person C_T, I give my phone number to Person S_J because I'm hoping I'll get a helicopter ride out of it. (Person S_J is in Long Beach until December for helicopter flying lessons.)

Person C_T comes over and we spend time together and debate whether to go out clubbing or not. We're supposed to pick up Person J_VKPI, but Person J_VKPI is nowhere to be found. At 7:30 pm I get a phone call from Joe who is in the nerighborhood and soon he is over at the house meeting Person C_T and telling us what has been going on in his life. Person T_U calls and now the four of us are trying to decide whether to go to a club in West Hollywood or to go to a club in Long Beach. Eventually Person C_T and I decide that we want to go to sleep so Joe heads for home just after 11pm.

On Sunday morning Person C_T and I go for a nice morning walk to look at house paint schemes in the neighborhood and to get the newspaper. Later, after Person C_T has left, I sneak in another aquarium bicycle ride after the morning rain. The rest of the day is spent working on ResourceScout charts, reading the newspaper, and checking out a few of the football games. A lazy day.

Except that Person N_V comes over, as pre-arranged, in order to drop his car off at my house for his trip to New York through Long Beach airport. As Person N_V walskt hrough the house:
Person N_V: "This is mine. This is mine. That's mine".
Ray: "Please walk through and take whatever you've left here. You know I'm not trying to take stuff off of you."
Person N_V: "Can I take a shower? I've been in Palm Springs for three days and driving here."
Ray: "Help yourself."
Person N_V: "But I'm starving. So I'm going to eat first."
Ray: "Help yourself to something to drink from the refrigerator."
It's actually a nice visit. Except that by the time Person N_V leaves 90 minutes after he arrived, the kitchen is a mess (dirty dishes in the sink, oil on the floor, oil on the countertop) and the bathroom is a mess (dirty mirror and towel on the floor). Is anybody home?