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Monday, October 11, 2004 8:58 PM

Cool October

The week turns cool. And this helps as I have a productive week at Northrop Grumman, a productive week working out, and a productive week working on the house.

Each morning I get out for long walks, each evening I lift weights with a 10-5-2 or 5-5-2 routine, and I keep a lowfat diet (and no carbs after 6pm). (I'm on this entire routine because it made my ruptured L4 and L5 discs feel better when I did this back in February and I want to see what else will feel better if I try it again.) After lifting each evening I slowly make progress on painting the trim on the inside of the house.

On one of the weeknights I break another glass in the kitchen - knocking it over into the sink as I've been doing lately. You'll recall that Person N_V and I went shopping for glasses and spent 30 minutes deciding which ones to buy. At that time we bought 8 new glasses. There are only two left.

On Friday late afternoon I'm waiting for Person C_T to come and visst as planned. When there's a knock at the door it is not Person C_T. But it is Person T*. "Oh this is going to work out well!" Of course Person T* stays around long enough for Person C_T to arrive. And the icy environment between T* and C_T is a sure cure for global warming. Eventually Person T* goes away and Person C_T and I are able to have dinner while watching the preseidential debate, talk, do other activities, and watch some television before heading for sleep near midnight.

On Saturday morning I'm up early to walk and withdraw money from the ATM. When I get home near 8am Person C_T is still sleeping and there is an email from Person T* asking if this is the Ray Manning that she knows. (Person T* must not have received my updated email address from September 2003.) I do not respond.

Person C_T and I go shopping at a construction store and stop off to have lunch. As we are leaving the restaurant we run into Person A_F and a friend of his. There are small greetings made. A few minutes later I'm waiting for Person C_T from the bathroom in the restaurant (I went first) and Person A_F comes out into the restaurant lobby and asks, "Do you have any eye drops? My eyes are really red." After answering in the negative, Person A_F and I have a brief conversation and he tells me to call him because he's lost his mobile phone that has my number stored in it. As Person C_T returns, Person A_F leaves. And now I explain to Person C_T who Person A_F is. This weekend is getting very twisted.

When I'm lifting weights Person C_T is trimming the roses. Afterwards we sand and patch some trimwork prior to later painting. Later I watch the Japanese Grand Prix qualfying in the rain as Person C_T does some work. Person C_T occasionally looks in on the activities and I try to point out the subtleties of the qualifying. Later the Japanese Grand Prix race itself comes on and Person C_T decides to leave as I've watched the start of the race but now I'm falling asleep. (The VCR will capture the race for a Sunday morning viewing.) I'm in bed and asleep my midnight.

On Sunday I'm awake at 5:30 or so to run 5 miles, take a shower, do the laundry, eat breakfast as the Japanese Grand Prix tape is played, and read the newspaper. Near 11 am I get out for the aquairum ride - conveniently missing any potential traffic asscoiated with the Long Beach marathon down near the marina. Another shower is followed by lunch and the Malaysian Grand Prix for motorcycles. After ther ace I drive over to Mom and Dad's to give each of them their belated birthday presents and then head down near the ocean for some inline skating - again conveniently missing any traffic from today's Long Beach marathon. The only remnants from the marathon are the workers cleaning up the streets and booths, but they are not in the way for my skate.

My Sunday evening is spent relaxing and getting ready for a new workweek.