Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, September 20, 2004 8:58 PM

September Continues

On Tuesday night we have a ResourceScout meeting for the first time since early August. We've told all potential clients that this August is a vacation month for all of the principals in the company. The meeting goes well and I'm back at home and laying down for sleep before 10pm.

Wednesday and Thursday are mad rush days at Northrop Grumman, but we manage to get our tasks finished and out the door. Both days see good sessions with the weights and/or good long runs to relieve stress.

On friday I stay at home to wait for the city of Long Beach building/permit inspector. But I get out for a quick aquarium ride bicyclde ride before people start showing up. While the contractors and inspector are present I wash and was the motorcycle, oil some wood furniture, and catch up on paperwork. When the re-work and inspection is ifnished, I mow the lawn, do the laundry, lift weights, and get cleaned up for dinner with Person C_T (and two of his friends who want to meet me).

I'm headed up to West Los Angeles to meet the three at a Barnes and Noble. Except there are a few phone calls to slightly delay the dinner and then, finally, a desperate call as they have a flat tire in the carpool lane and have traffic whizzing by them. By now there is nothingt hat I can do - I don't have the right size tire (and they don't have a spare), I don't have a truck to tow them with, I can't run a traffic break to get them to the right side of the road, and I don't even know where they are. So, seeing that we have decided to postpone dinner, I drive over to some clubs in West Hollywood.

I bounce back and forth between the "herd clone" club and a usual club. There are a number of acquaintances including Person F_F and Person E_F (who I have the softest spot in my heart for). There are offers made and invitations extended to me. I refuse all offers. And am leaving at 1:30 am on Saturday morning. Except that I run into Person Huy (one of Person N_V's friends) and we talk for about 15 minutes about our breakup and stuff.

On Saturday I'm up at a reasonable hour for an aquarium ride, trimming out the motorcycle, waxing the rims, and a few other errands. Person C_T comes over and after the greeting we go have dinner, browse stores for shoes and DVDs, and go to rent a video. I make the selection of a 2001 movie called "Circuit". (I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but never made it. Sound familiar?) The movie is about clubbing and circuit parties and drugs and sex and image and partying. I realize that I am in trouble when the two clubs that I was bouncing back and forth between on the previous night are featured in the opening moments of the film. The film is not very good but it is somewhat entertaining....I guess. Person C_T and I are dead asleep by 12:30 am on Sunday.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday I deal with very few calls. Person T_U ("Are you going out tonight") and Person J_VKPI ("How come we didn't go out last night?"). It's great to have the harem dismissed and to have time to myself and Person C_T.

I get up at a reasonable hour and read the newspaper and watch the Japanese Grand Prix for motorcycles and spend more time with Person C_T. It is a slow day. Late in the day I get out for a long walk and close out the weekend with the typical Sunday evening activities. I'm taking the trash out and a young lady comes by with her labrador retriever. And I start petting the dog and talking with her. After we introduce each other I can see that she is scanning her memory for something. At the (apparent) end of the conversation as I confirm that her name is Shelley and she confirms that mine in Ray, she says, "Oh, now I know. You did the website for Councilperson Rae Gabelich". And I have to correct her by telling her that I offered to do the website as well as to provide an automated emailer. And we both agree we'll talk again when the neighborhood meeting occurs next month. And now I wonder how she figured out, just from knowing my first name, that I was involved. Hmmmm.