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Monday, August 30, 2004 8:58 PM

Saturday Night Slaughter, Part 2

On Monday I return from the Czech Republic. This is accomplished via the following:
Electric tram from hotel to central train station in Brno
Bus from Brno to Prague, Florence Station
Bus from Prague, Florence Station to Prague Rizuyne airport
Plane from Prague to London, Heathrow
Plane from London to LAX
Shuttle bus from LA to home
I arrive home near 11 pm and put away the dirty clothes from the trip. And drop off to sleep just before midnight. It has been a 38 hour day without sleep.

Jet lag? What jet lag? I'm up before 6:30 am on Tuesday to go for a bicycle ride, mow the lawn, water the roses, take a shower, paick up my (on-hold) mail from the post office, do some grocery shopping, and ride the motorcycle to work.

The Saturday night slaughter starts on Tuesday. Actually the slaughter is made easier when I receive a voice mail (while away in the Czech Republic) from Person Y_J indicating that he has found someone that he has feelings for and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. I return his call and express happiness for him that he has developed feelings for someone. But by now Person Y_J is unsure whether the other person has return feelings.

On Wednesday I get out for a run before work. This is the first run for quite a while since a little leg injury in June. After work I meet Person C_T at a Barnes & Noble and we browse books before heading off to have dinner. Afterwards we relax at my house until Person C_T leaves near midnight.

On Saturday morning I get out for an almost 30 mile bicycle ride before trying to get a new tire for the car and buying some bicycle supplies. Later I get in a good session with the weights prior to a Japanese dinner with Person C_T. We head for a club in West Hollywood and meet up with acquaintances. This is kind of a low key Saturday as the crowd is down, the music is only mediocre, and it appears that everyone is on vacation. Person N_V walks by and smiles just as Person C_T and I are leaving. I'm home in bed for sleep near 2:35 am on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning sees another good run, the Belgian Grand Prix, some other little errands, and a good session of skating on the inline skates (i.e., rollerblades). I finish off titling and labeling all of the digital photographs from the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic and burn CD for various family members and coworkers.

I'm dropping off to sleep early on Sunday night.