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Saturday, August 7, 2004 11:59 PM

Saturday Night Slaughter

On Tuesday night, after a good day at work and a productive session with the weights, Person D_F cancels dinner. Person D_F has been out of touch for a while and we were going to re-connect. But it will have to wait as Person D_F is working overtime. Later Person A_F calls. He has been out of touch lately. (Is this week a re-connect week?)

On Wednesday night, after a good day at work and a productive session with the weights, Person C_T comes over to go see a movie. We see "Harold and Kumar" and we both enjoy it. At least I didn't fall asleep as with previous people in the diary. We grab a quick snack afterwards and head for home as Person C_T shows me his portfolio. It is really nice. We spend the rest of the evening (until about 11:30 pm) talking before Person C_T has to leave.

On Thursday, after I sit in meetings all day at Northrop Grumman and give a speech at a coworker's retirement party, I pick up Daniel at LAX and drive him to his sister's house. Now, for the third time in 6 days, I'm heading north on the 710 and east on the 60 (to Monterey Park this time). When I get home I walk for an hour before working on reports for work.

Friday is a productive day at Northrop Grumman after a short morning walk. When I leave Northrop Grumman - having placed email and voicemail alerts that I will be out for a while - I get in a great session lifting weights. Every joint in my upper body hurts, but I lift heavy anyway because I know that I will be taking the next two weeks off. Another afternoon walk starts my Friday winding down for an early bedtime.

On Saturday I get out for a short bicycle ride around the aquairum. This is followed by paperwork, mowing the lawn, and many other errands necessary for the upcoming trip. Near 5pm Person C_T comes over and we go walking by the ocean, have a nice, simple dinner, and go back home to relax. At 2:30 am on Sunday morning Person C_T decides that he should go back home in order to let me have sleep before Sunday's activities.

The actual Saturday night slaughter is more of a mental one. I come to the conclusion - unvoiced to anyone yet - that I need to have a complete housecleaning of the harem and start anew. Except for Person C_T. Thus I avoid all phone calls from current or perceived harem members and plan to discuss this when I return near the 24th of August. The Saturday Night Slaughter is something that was due for a while and will lead to good longterm mental and emotional health for all involved even if the short term emtoional health will be adversely affected.

Sunday is a lazy day except for more errands needed for the trip. At 2:30 pm I'm driving up the 710 north and across the 60 east to pick up Daniel prior to going to the airport. There are phone calls from many well wishers as the afternoon winds down.