Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Tuesday, June 1, 2004 8:58 PM

June Day Quotes

I take this diary entry, on the first day of June, to list a number of quotes that I've had said to me in the last month or so.
1) "Geez, Ray, you sure know a lot of people here".
2) "Are you back in turbo-slut mode, Ray?"
3) "But it's not an Armani".
4) "I want to make sure that you don't keep making the same mistakes that you've been making".
5) "Why can't i have you?"
6) "You never knew how much I loved you".
7) "Someone might find out that you're in your own universe, Ray".
8) "If Ray wasn't so busy text messaging people from his phone he could have read me the driving instructions from Denver airport".
9) "You look incredible". (Many times actually.)
10) "So...Ray...I never knew you were....So...Ray...I never knew".
11) "You sure make this spacecraft program interesting, Ray".
12) "You're a godsend"!
13) "You're a good guy".
14) "You're mean"!
15) "Can I have your picture - the one in the black shirt and tie. Or the one where you're kneeling".
16) "Not so fast Ray - you're scaring me. You ride faster than this on your motorcycle? How long are you going to be alive"?
17) "Are you volunteering"?
18) "Ray, what's wrong? Why aren't you h*$%"?