Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, May 17, 2004 8:58 PM

Mid May Already?

After returning from vacation in Michigan late on Monday night, I go to work on Tuesday and fly to Colorado for business. I get up early (5 am Rocky time, 4 am Pacific time) to run 5 miles on Wednesday before our business meeting and tour of the Atlas V launch vehicle facility. Launch vehicles are very large! On Wednesday night I catch a flight home. And now I haven't the faintest clue what time it is or what time zone I am in.

I'm up at 5 am on Thursday to run another 5 miles before a lackluster day at work. After work I take the Subaru in for an oil change and a little fix and skate back home - the Subary dealer is about 2.5 miles from home. After Person N_V gets back from his Thursday night tennis near 11 pm, I ask him to come immediately to bed. He has some work to do, but he joins me near midnight. We lay in bed and talk and tell stories and laugh so hard when funny stories are told. We laugh so hard that I think we're going to wake the neighbors even though all of the wondows in the house are closed. We're drifting off to sleep after 1:30 am.

Friday I skip the morning run and start the day at Northrop Grumman just after 6:15 am. I take a "creative release" break during the middle of the day before calling it quits for the week and going home. I am enthused to receive a new desktop computer in the mail and I start setting it up for productive use.

On Saturday I get out for an approximately 30 mile bicycle ride as the last "tune up" before the annual Los Angeles River Ride of 120 kilometers. I go to see Person T* in the early afternoon and we drive over and see the new condominium that she has put an offer on. And we talk for hours on whether she should continue with the purchase and whether she should sell her old house or keep it and rent it out. And I have to chime in that I, unlike lots of other people, am fairly content to stick with a reasonable house in a good, quiet, and safe neighborhood rather than continuing on the purchase/rent train that others pursue.

Person N_V share dinner time and a quiet evening at home watching a funny DVD called "Big Fish".

On Sunday I get out for a good morning bicycle ride and a sunny afternoon hour of inline skating. In between the activities Person N_V and I watch the motorcycle race from France, work on our new computers, and clean the house. As I go rollerlading I decide to push the pace a bit to work on my stride and to check out the new rollerblades. I notice quite a few people staring at me - they're probably staring at my stride as I work on keeping a good upright position, a 90 degree bend at the knee, and long powerfull strides. When I finish up the skate I realize that my current ability put me much faster than my old skates' capability but slower than the new skates' capability. I'll have to work on catching up. Late in the afternoon I get out for a walk before spending a quiet evening with Person N_V as we both continue to set up our new computers. I'm calling an end to the weekend at 10:30 pm.