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Monday, April 26, 2004 8:58 AM

A Generic Week

On Tuesday Person M_Fl contacts me again. (Person M_Fl is the one from the car wash.) We agree to hang out for soda or bottled water on Thursday night.

On Thursday as I commute to Northrop Grumman I finally get a bit of running room and have a burst of speed up to 135 mph on the motorcycle. It feels good to get to that speed in a ridiculously small amount of time and feels good to cruise at that speed (until I run up against traffic). At this acceleration level and speed level I have no problems at all!

There are direct discussions between myself and Los Angeles County regarding the adoptions program. We discuss why we used Perl (as opposed to asp or .net) and why we use an ascii format database (as opposed to Oracle). We shall see what comes of this.

The week has been characterized by good sessions with the weights each day after work and early morning runs or walks. After the "serious September" I figured out that I needed to get rid of "the last 10 pounds". And though it hasn't come off since then, I've been yo-yoing down towards where I should be. Thus the next two weeks are serious April weeks making progress towards getting rid of "the last 10 pounds".

On Thursday night I have soda with Person M_Fl as Person N_V plays tennis and hangs out with his friends. I realize, as I converse with Person M_Fl, some of the things that are missing in the relationship with Person N_V. After Person N_V comes home and takes a shower we have a conversation about a number of things. The conversation lasts until after 1 am after which Person N_V is able to fall asleep. I cannot. So I get up and read for more than an hour before going back to bed and eventually falling asleep.

I leave work a bit early on Friday (as has been the norm lately) to lift weights and do the laundry. Being the near the end of a 5 repetition week, I absolutely drill every muscle group. When I'm done, as I stagger back inside the house, I can only say, "That's going to hurt in the morning". I spend a quiet evening at home as Person N_V hangs out with friends and returns at a reasonable hour.

On Saturday I get out for a good bicycle ride, paint some cabinet faces, and get a second estimate from a heating installation guy. On his way out he sees the car and we talk about fast cars, fast motorcycles, and we namedrop some names from the old motorcycle racing days in the 1980's.

Later I head out to visit Person T*. I'm supposed to fix a robot for her son, but we end up talking about relationships and life and desires and feelings and outlooks and stuff so that we never fet to the robot. I head home and do the last 5 repetition session with the weights. And this one? Oh this is a good one! And I can only say, "That's going to hurt in the morning".

I hem and haw and keep deciding back and forth between staying home tonight and going out. At the last minute, though I haven't spoken with Person J_VKPI, I head out for a club in West Hollywood. I talk with Person N_V, who has been in West LA all day with friends, and we agree to meet up later. Person J_VKPI calls as I'm approaching his freeway exit ramp and now I detout to pick him up.

We get to the club and we are both bored - both Person J_VKPI and I are bored with this night. We have 7-Ups and diet Cokes and mingle with people. Person N_V, Person Huy, Person JJ_P, and Person T_U are there as well as a number of other people. At 12:15 am I tell Person J_VKPI that we need to go soon because I am not feeling well. We eventually leave at 12:50 am. I've had to go back through the club looking for Person J_VKPI and on this 3 minute trip through the club, I get both hands, both hips, and certain parts of my rear end held/grabbed by a ChiChi who won't let me go as well as an asian girl who won't let me go. I, unfortunately, am emotionally troubled and feeling ill and cannot even listen to the offers beyond the introductions and the huge smiles that just won't quit. As Person J_VKPI and I head home I try to explain that we had to go, "...because I'm not feeling well and I think I'm about to cry". Person J_VKPI tries his best to help me out and repeats what I've told him on many occasions, namely " can do this. It'll be hard, but you can do this. There's bright light at the end of this darkness". After dropping Person J_VKPI I'm headed for home around corners at speeds greater than 100 mph. I arrive at home and drop off to sleep at 1:50 am. Person N_V calls at 2:15 am and says that he's on his way home and I can only say, "Please drive very carefully because there are a lot of crazy drivers driving more than 100 mph at this hour".

On Sunday I'm up near 7 to go cycle and to paint more cabinet faces. After watching the Grand Prix and starting in on the newspaper, I get out for an hour of rollerblading - Person N_V skipping this time due to a sore back from tennis. We grab a quick dinner and head to a store to pick out a floor lamp and drinking glasses.

Person N_V and I look at the assortment of drinking glasses (with stylish names such as tribute, oxford, ireland, and spanish green). I pull out a number of boxes and say that these are acceptable to me. We open each box and Person N_V has a comment about each set, such as, "This set is too modern", "This set is too bland", "This set would reflect lights like an ecstacy trip", "This glass has bad balance" until we've gone though all of the sets that I've picked out and can't decide on which ones to buy. We circle back through the entire set of acceptable glasses until we default back to the ecstacy set. Done - we buy the ecstacy set. I never knew that buying drinking glasses would be so dfficiult.

I'm dropping off to sleep after Sunday night phone calls from Joe, Person T*, and Person M_Fl near 10:30 pm.