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Monday, April 5, 2004 8:08 PM

Finally Into April

I take Friday off to start the month of April. I get out for a long walk, get out for the acquarium ride, do the laundry, mow/edge/trim the front and back yards, and trim the spring growth from two bushes in the front yard. I'm tired by mid afternoon, so I get down for about an hour nap. Later, after fending off a number of phone calls, I head down to the opening of Fire Island II with Person N_V. Person T_U is there and he still hurts from the breakup with Person D_V. But we hang out at the new club. It is okay, the music is medicocre, and the crowd isn't quite "my crowd". But it is a reasonable outing.

On Saturday I get out for a long morning walk and a good bicycle ride around the acquarium. Person Daniel visits from San Francisco, so Person N_V, Person Daniel, and I go have a long lunch and see a movie - HellBoy. Seeing that Person N_V has picked the movie and it relates to scifi/fantasy, it isn't long into the movie and I am dozing off for sleep. After the movie Person N_V admits that he should have slept also because the movie wasn't that good.

Late on Saturday, after phone calls with Joe, Person T*, and Person J_VKPI, Person N_V and I meet up with a number of friends at Club Asia in Long Beach. The music is decent and it is a reasonable evening. I have good conversations with Person D_TC and Person MI_P. With both I get the impression that they want something more even if they don't come right out and ask for it. Person MI_P is actually somebody that I wanted to meet, but he beats me to the conversation starter with, "Even though we're down in Long Beach, I recognize you from West Hollywood". I'm a bit embarassed at this thought and so I have to explain the lack of fun clubs in Long Beach and Orange County to go to (hence my trips to West Hollywood). Person N_V and I are laying down for reading at 1:45 am on Sunday morning and the lights go out for sleep at 2:15 am.

On Sunday I get out for a morning run, read the newspaper, and watch the first Grand Prix of Bahrain. It is a boring race as the favorite wins his third race in a row and my favorite driver slips down the leaderboard in the last quarter of the race with a rapidly failing car. Person N_V and I get out shopping and go rollerblading for about 45 minutes. After dinner, I trim and feed the roses, cook lunches for the week, and perform a number of other errands around the house. View the latest photos here.

This is a groundbreaking day because it is the first good run since I ruptured my L4/L5 discs, it is the first time tollerblading since I ruptured my L4/L5 discs, and it is the 6 month anniversary since Person N_V and I met.

Person N_V has to leave to help out a friend (whos boyfriend has been arrested in some sort of sting operation). I have a stern talk with Person N_V to keep his distance from that relationship and do not involve himself in any sort of financial transacations (or he may get caught up in the web).