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Wednesday, March 31, 2004 8:08 PM

March Magic, March Madness, March Mayhem

The entire week sees great walk/run sessions in the morning, good sessions with the weights in the afternoon, and a carefully controlled diet as I try to rehabilitate the ruptured disc and make a final push for a suitable weight.

On Friday night I am getting more and more tired and not receiving phone calls back from people to go hang out with, so I'm in bed early. Person N_V heads out with a friend and is back near 2 am.

Saturday is a good day of walking, cycling, running errands, and painting the ceiling of a room. At 3pm I lay down for a quick nap and am awake about 25 minutes later. The phone rings 8 minutes after I woke up and it is a coworker who wants to go to the oval races at Irwindale Speedway. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I accept and agree to meet him at the track as I'm going to go out clubbing later.

The races are entertaining and fun. There is some good close action and my coworker and I enjoy what we see. We also listen to conversations in the stands and make fun of the NASCAR-type fans present. Finally near 10 pm with one race left on the agenda, I tell my coworker that I need to go meet up with friends.

I'm walking into the club a bit after 11 pm and hanging out for my friends. Person J_VKPI eventually shows up and we hang out together - talking about relationships and stuff. Person Ray is here again and we have an idle conversation. The crowd is heavy tonight and a few people introduce themselves to me and put there arms around/on me as they speak. I just let them touch me as we speak and I have friednly, if cold and distant, conversations with them. Eventually they realize that I am not interested and they wander off - checking back with me occassionally to see if I'm having fun this evening or not.

Person J_VKPI points out that Person N_V is pretty friendly with someone on the dance floor and I just respond with, "He's been drinking". Person J_VKPI seems to think that he is sober enough to know what he is doing. This is one time where Person J_VKPI does not dance at all - he's nervous about an audition that he has the next morning and is probably saving his strength and energy. Just after 2 am on Sunday morning Person J_VKPI are leaving as we've lost track of Person N_V. And we discuss this on the way to me dropping Person J_VKPI off at his apartment in K-Town. I'm home in bed at 3:05 am.

And I'm awake at 4:15 am with Person N_V not home yet. Is he in the drunk tank? Has he had an accident? Is he staying with a friend? Or is he staying with the person that he was so friendly with on the dance floor. I get up and lay down on the couch and eventually doze off for a bit of sleep before I'm awake again at 6:45 am and unable to sleep.

I get up set off a bug bumb in the house (it appears that there are mites or bed bugs at home now), go run some errands, do the laundry, and go for a bicycle ride. In the midst of laundry Person N_V calls and we have a very serious, if emotional conversation about him staying with a friend. Does this sound familiar? And what do I believe? I get out for a bicycle ride and jump back in the house for a shower and lunch as the bug bomb stay out time limit is finished. Person N_V comes home near 2 pm and we have a very emotional conversation about drinking and our failed realtionship. Except that we are both now thinking that we should try once more. We both agree to sit down, when we are both sober and rested, to lay down some groundrules, desires, etc that each of us need in a partner in order to make things work. And we agree to have another long and quiet conversation on Tuesday night.

The rest of Sunday is spent resting and getting ready for the beginning of the workweek. Even though I've only had a couple hours of sleep and it's been an emotionally-charged day, I feel surprising good. I need to do this more often. I'm in bed near 8 pm to read. Person N_V joins me and we read together until approximately 9 pm when the lights go off for deep sleep.

On Monday I get home and lift weights, take a long soapy shower with anti-bug soap that Person N_V has bought, and head off for a ResourceScout meeting. I'm back home and laying down to read in bed at 10 pm before the lights go out at 10:30 pm. Person N_V gets home from his business meeting/mixer after 11 pm.

Tuesday is a bicycle commute day. I'm tired when I get home from the second ride of the day. I take a shower using the anti-bug soap, buy some cookies (and other things) at the grocery store, and relax for the evening in front of the television, computer, and a book. Person N_V and I read in bed for a while before the lights go off near 11 pm.

On Wednesday morning I go walking and lift weights. There is a doctor's appointment and so I get in all of the workouts before work and plan to work late. The doctor gives me a cream to eliminate the rash/skin irritation that I've been fighting for a week or so.