Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, March 8, 2004 8:00 AM

March Enthusiasm

I am excited about the start of March!

The first few days of the week are marked by moderate exercise, extremely low fat intake, and lifting sessions in order to help rehabilitate the back (and my emotions). Though I don't know if the routine is helping my ruptured L4 disk and my back, it certainly helps my emotional state.

Saturday and Sunday are characterized by continued active rehabilitation and a good number of errands. On Saturday I get out walking (with brief running stretches), do the laundry, do some shopping, mow and edge the front and back yards, do some more shopping, lift weights, and get out for another long walk late in the afternoon. The Australian Grand Prix is on, so Person N_V and I watch as I explain the rules, the strategies, the $200 million annual budgets, and stuff. Person N_V has to head off to a birthday party before the end of the race, so I continue watching and perform a few other little tasks before heading for bed. I'm in bed trying to read, but nodding off to sleep, near 10 pm.

During the last few nights and culminating on this Saturday night, I've handled phone calls from Person T*, Joe, Person J_VKPI, and others about my month of March. I continue to stress that I am taking a few week vacation from life where I only go to work and workout. There are no social activities planned or desired right now. It is hard to explain this to people, but I do my best.

On Sunday I get out for another good morning walk (with brief running stretches), buy the newspaper, wash and wax the motorcycle, perform some computer maintenance at home, and relax a bit as I read the newspaper.