Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Tuesday, February 18, 2004 9:00 PM

Three Strikes! Three Big Strikes!

After work on Monday night I have a two hour discussion with Person N_V about the paper, what it suggests, and other things. With prodding Person N_V comes clean and tells me the whole story. At least what he claims is the whole story. I cannot tell if I am getting the whole story so I head off to a ResourceScout meeting in preparation for Tuesday's meeting in downtown Los Angeles. After the meeting Person N_V and I talk some more about the ramifications and what we should do. It is inconclusive.

On Tuesday I'm up early to go walking/running. Then I head to the neurologist for an EMG test. The neurologist performs the EMG test with electrodes and needles and then consults the MRI results. It is confirmed - I have a ruptured L4 disc. The neurologist and I get into "an argument" about the benefits of cycling as compared with the potential risks. I'm having nothing of his argument to persuade me to stop cycling for a while (due to the bouncing around). But we agree on walking, stretching, lifting weights (for lifts that do not stress the lower back), and the once-a-day non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. And now I have all sorts of markings on my legs and back with permanent ink (where measurements were made) as well as blood droplets where the EMG needles punctured the skin to get muscle activity traces.

I leave work early to head to downtown Los Angeles for the "final" negotiations on the adoptions program. It goes well and we're done in less than 30 minutes.

Prior to the adoptions meeting, as I wait for the president of ResourceScout to show up, I have a revelation. Three big strikes have occurred in my life in the last 16 days:
1) I had to put Nopey to sleep
2) I have a ruptured L4 disc in my lower back
3) Person N_V cheated on me and lied to me to cover it up.

And yet, I have the most optimistic, "life is good" attitude right now. How can this be? Why am I not depressed, down, and or feeling the pressure of the three big strikes against me?