Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, January 26, 2004 8:00 AM

Active Rehabilitation (Part II)

On Tuesday there is another ResourceScout meeting where we talk about the upcoming meeting with an Orange County representative. Things are looking promising even if it has been a long and slow process.

I continue the active rehabilitation with a multi-pronged attack: early morning walks everyday, afternoon sessions with the weights, evening walks and/or bicycle rides, miniscule fat intake, and only eating fruits and vegetables (except for a slip-up or two with cookies present). The entire idea here is to try and minimize low inflammation with the enzymes in the fruit and vegetables, avoid fats that promote free radical production, and low level exercise to maintain circulation and metabolic levels. On Thursday the leg feels as if it is gaining strength back, but on Friday it appears to have dissipated again.

During the week, as has become the standard practice recently, I continue to have to lift Nopey up on his legs in order to get him to go outside and eat or wander around or go to the bathroom. There are, of course, a number of accidents that he has had. I am hoping that Nopey hangs on until birthday number 16 in the middle of March. But I also pray at night to find him permanently asleep one of these mornings so that I don't have to make that call.

On Saturday I get out for a good road bicycle ride with the neighbor as we catch up on school and work and stuff. Halfway through the ride we ride over a bump and I hear the usual "snap". And now my rear wheel is wobbly as a spoke has broken. We finish the ride and agree to ride again in two weeks.

I finish the Saturday chores (inlcuding dropping the bicycle wheel off for repair) and agree to meet up with Person N_V and Person J_VKPI (and his boyfriend) at a club in West Hollywood. There are a number of acquaintances present that I smile at and talk with - including Person M_P and Person F_F. There are three offers made to me tonight but each is politely declined. I'm laying down for sleep right near 2 am on Sunday morning.

I'm awake a bit after 7 am on Sunday morning and I lift weights, go for a bicycle ride, and buy the newspaper on the way home from the ride. After repenishing the blood sugar supply, I buy a new watch and the tax preparation software for the year. After more chores around the house I lift weights again and go for a long walk. By the end of the night (which is pretty early this time) I am losing consciousness from lack of sleep.