Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Sunday, December 3, 2001 8:11 AM


I turn down offers of instant sex and one night stands on both Friday and Saturday nights. With recovery proceeding it would not be the thing to do. Though this is different than a few weeks ago when I needed to be held in exchange for anything. Oh I still need to be held, but not at that cost.

After the Los Angeles Times names Moon Unit Zappa's debut novel as one of the best of 2001, I have to buy it. It is about breakups, and recovery, and awakenings. "While we are all busy swimming upstream, the universe is conspiring to take us to something better."

I am in/near tears for the first third of the book. This only causes a few strange looks at the Barnes & Noble where I've bought the book and sat down in their cafe to read. Sometimes it doesn't matter. The middle portion of the book gives me understanding. By Sunday night I am approaching the completion of the book.

I also admit that I have an emotional recovery setback with the death of my favorite ex-Beatle, George Harrison. Though I was behind him, I went through all of the religion, meditation, drug, peace, enlightenment, universe searching that he went through. With Beatles music being played throughout the weekend on every station, it is hard to avoid my feelings and to avoid the feelings of loss.

The rest of the weekend is taken up with cycling, running, lifting, clubbing (Night clubs, silly! Not a new sport.), and getting ready for meetings in San Diego next weekend and in San Francisco on the following weekend. We now have attracted investment dollars from China/Singapore for the San Diego meeting and Korea (!!!) for the San Francisco meeting. We shall see how the weekends turn out.