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Monday, November 06, 2000 1:10 PM

Did I Make the Right Choice?

On Tuesday night, after the time change from the previous Sunday, I go for a bicycle ride. I certainly have lights on the bicycle to make it a bit safer, however, one never knows what is going to creep out of the dark and get you when you're on a night ride. It is a 20 minute warmup ride to a nearby business park, 20 minutes of laps around the business park (with very little traffic), and a 17 minute ride home. Except for a close call when a semi- trailer and truck make a sudden rightward move, there are no close calls and I get in a reasonable workout.

I take a shower and spend Tuesday, Halloween night, at the Frat House. There are a lot of good costumes with no dominant theme. I actually leave before the midnight judging of the costumes.

Wednesday, after a good day at work, good enough to build up my confidence to be able to shave, there is a nice little squeeze play on the freeway (on the way home). Two minivans, one on each side of me, both try to make a lane change into where I am. I kinda toy with each of them before I crack the throttle WFO* in order to get out of the way. Then I check my mirror to see the reactions as both minivans realize: 1) They just barely missed hitting a motorcycle, and 2) They were still headed for each other in the desired lane. It was quite exciting.

As I'm flipping through the satellite channels, TNT welcomes me to the 8pm showing of, you guessed it, g*%d*%$ you to hell, Planet of the Apes. I turn off the television, think about it for a while, and later turn on the VCR to record the last half so that I can watch the two parts of interest.

Late on Thursday, a number of people in the M1 and M2 corridors are confronted by a strange, desperate person asking them if they know where easels can be found. Most oblige the strange, desperate person by saying "You might try the conference room. There might be an easel there." And the strange, desperate person goes off looking for the easel. Finally an easel is found and now, after desperate times, the EOS Dynamic Testing storyboards may be hung.

Thursday night, after having taped Planet of the Apes on Wednesday night, I fast-forward to the "Don't go looking into the forbidden zone. You won't like what you'll find." and the end part with the bad words. As I watch both, I have shivers running up and down my spine. And as Charlton Heston is laying in the water, after using the bad words, I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes. And I have to shut it off and re-compose myself.

And now I realize why Charlton Heston has become president of the National Rifle Association. He's scared that apes are going to turn society upside down and he wants to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Friday night I head to the Frat House. The crowd is smaller than usual tonight though one of the Danny's and ChiChi are there. I congratulate ChiChi on the purchase of a house and we talk about moving and decorating and stuff. It's obvious that ChiChi has things to say to me, but I avoid the conversation for the night and actually arrive home before 2am.

Saturday and Sunday are spent in the comfortable confines of TRW running an acoustic test.

As I drive to work Monday morning, with ice hockey equipment onboard for an 8:45pm game, I fight traffic. I have The Donnas playing from the CD:
"I saw you talking to that slut named Star,
She was standing by the nacho bar.
She only wants you 'cuz you're in magazines,
But I want you for your skintight jeans."

I again have not shaved since Friday night. Emotions running wild. I take surface streets to TRW and almost stop in at 7:30 in the morning to a place called "Ray's Place" at 169th and Western. (The sign says "Cocktails and Lunch".) And I notice the EZ Motel, run down but freshly painted, just down the street from Ray's place. I bypass both for TRW.