Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Monday, August 23, 1999 7:32 AM

My Exciting Wednesday/Thursday

After being hit by the puck in the inner thigh during Wednesday night's game, I relax on Thursday evening with ice on the bruise and my legs propped up. (I must have been taking a stride to clear somebody from in front of the net when an opposing player's shot hit me. Because that is about the ONLY place that there is no padding - except where I was hit a month ago and led to the infection.)

Legs propped up, EOS testing done, not a care in the world, when I hear activity outside. I get up and do not like what I see. Two police cars come to a rapid halt - parked diagonally across the street to block traffic - two doors to the west of my house. Then two more police cars pull to a rapid stop, also parked diagonally across the street, directly in front of my house. Then two more police cars pull to a rapid stop, again parked diagonally across the street to block traffic, two doors to the east of my house. In the distance, I hear the faint sound of a helicopter getting closer. And closer. And closer.

The first thing that crosses my mind is "What did I do now?" My nervousness briefly turns to relief when I realize that there are no un-marked cars, no FBI cars, and no State Department cars. Just LB police department cars. And I realize that the commotion CANNOT be for me. The next thought that crosses my mind is "Where is Nopey and what did he do now?" But he is calmly lying on the kitchen floor - unaware of the police activity.

I step outside the front door and ask "What's going on?"

Two of the police officers in front of my house explain that a person tried to steal a car at the Sav-On around the corner and was seen walking through the BACKyard of the house two doors to the west. And that I should stay in my house.

By this time the helicopter is swirling around overhead and I can see down the street that there are many more police cars lining the street - all parked diagonally so as to block traffic. Twenty minutes pass and I realize that the police are unsure as to the whereabouts of the suspect. I poke my head out the door and offer to the police "You can go through my backyard and use it if you want". They accept the offer and head towards my front door. They walk through the house, give Nopester a pet on the head, and use his doghouse to climb over the fence into an adjoining property. But before climbing they offer "If anybody besides us comes running through your backyard, you might want to yell."

Two hours later the helicopter is still whirling around overhead. All of the police cars are still present. A huge line of cars has lined up along the street where the affected neighbors are unable to get to their houses. I am starting to wonder if I am going to be able to get out in order to go play my 10:45pm ice hockey game.

Finally I hear a commotion with yelling and screaming to the effect of "Get down on the ground and you won't get hurt!" A few minutes later a police officer comes and explains that the police dogs have found the suspect. He was hiding in the bushes in the FRONTyard of the house two doors to the west. The FRONT bushes of the house where the original 911 call came from!

The ability of the LB police department to find the suspect leaves me feeling warm, fuzzy, and safe inside.

On Saturday I head off to the Sunset Junction street festival. (This is the festival that I took Oscar to a few years ago where he saw his first crossdressers - and came back a changed man!) I take one unnamed person from the department. (Try to determine which one it is based upon if they have been changed liked Oscar was.) A few of the performers are okay. The crowds appear less than previous years. But it is a good diversion from recent activities.